Oct 19, 2020 09:28 UTC
  • Russian diplomat urges Pompeo to stop provoking Iran, pumping arms into region

A senior Russian diplomat says US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo must stop provoking Iran and pumping weapons in the region if he wants a peaceful West Asia.

According to Press TV, Dmitry Polyanskiy, the First Deputy Permanent Representative of Russia to the UN, said Pompeo is expected to contribute to [a] peaceful West Asia by stopping to provoke Iran and to pump region with arms.”

“And please change [the] words ‘sanctions’ and ‘punishment’ in your vocabulary to ‘dialogue’ and ‘engagement’. That would help a lot! Make US respected again!” he added.

Everyone expects the US, Mr. Secretary of State,to contribute to peaceful West Asia by stopping to provoke #Iran and to pump region with arms. And please change words“sanctions” and“punishment”in your vocabulary to “dialogue”and “engagement”.That would help a lot! Make US respected again! 

— Dmitry Polyanskiy (@Dpol_un) October 18, 2020

He made the comments in a post on his Twitter account, in which he quoted a tweet by Pompeo threatening those who may trade weapons with Iran.

“No nation that desires a peaceful West Asia should contemplate arms sales with Iran,” Pompeo said. “We are prepared to use domestic authorities to sanction individuals or entities contributing to these arms sales.”

Earlier in the day, Pompeo had released a statement in this regard, in which he threatened to impose sanctions on any individuals and entities that get engaged in arms transfer to and from Iran.

In the statement, he claimed that arms sales to Iran would violate UN resolutions and result in sanctions, hours after Tehran announced that the longstanding UN embargo on arms trade with the Islamic republic had expired.