Oct 19, 2020 16:50 UTC
  • Exit polls signal socialists sweeping back to power in Bolivia with Arce win

Exit polls from Bolivia's presidential election indicate Luis Arce has won the country's presidential election.

Arce, who hails from the Movement for Socialism Party, bagged more than 50% of the vote making him the new president, an unofficial count indicated on Monday.

The big win for Arce ruled out earlier opinion polls that had predicted the election would go to a run-off.

The leftist candidate Arce was running against former centrist president Carlos Mesa, who gained second place with some  31.5% of the vote.

'Bolivia has recovered democracy'

In a Twitter post, Arce expressed appreciation for the public support, saying his country had recovered democracy.

"We are going to work, and we will resume the process of change without hate," Arce told reporters in La Paz.

"We will learn and we will overcome the mistakes we've made (before) as the Movement Toward Socialism Party," he added.

Arce is the heir to former leader Evo Morales.

Ex-president Morales, who is living under asylum in Argentina, said Arce’s win brings back stability, peace, progress, and freedom to Bolivians. 

Arce's victory is expected to pave the way for Morales' speedy return home.

Arce had been a former economy minister under Morales.

"All the data known so far indicate that there has been a victory for the Movement Towards Socialism," Morales said at a press conference in Buenos Aires.