Oct 23, 2020 07:25 UTC
  • China warns ‘enemies’ of its military might

Chinese President Xi Jinping says his country stands ready to fight anyone "creating trouble,” for the mainland, in a clear message to the United States not to misjudge its determination to defend the nation.

According to Press TV, Xi said on Friday that any act of unilateralism, monopolism and bullying would not work, and would only lead to a dead end.

“Let the world know that ‘the people of China are now organized, and are not to be trifled with,” Xi added.

The Chinese president made the remarks in a long speech on the 70th anniversary of China’s entry into the Korean War.

The 1950-53 conflict was the only time China has fought US forces.

Xi also called to expedite the modernization of the country’s defense and armed forces, during the event.

“Without a strong army, there can be no strong motherland,” he said.

Xi called on the Chinese people, earlier this week, to “keep their faith in ultimate victory,” saying the spirit forged during the war would inspire them to “prevail over all enemies.”

China has in recent years, engaged in a bitter row with the US over several issues, including trade, technology, The South China Sea and the status of Taiwan, which Beijing considers as an inviolable part of the mainland.

Under the administration of US President Donald Trump, their ties have sunk to their lowest in decades.