Oct 24, 2020 07:18 UTC
  • Air quality dips in northern India, Taj Mahal shrouded in smog

A thick blanket of smog covered large swathes of northern India on Friday (October 23) morning, as air quality index was recorded at levels of "very poor," even bordering on "severe."

In the capital, New Delhi, tankers were deployed to spray water in efforts to minimize road dust, one of the largest contributors to air pollutants.

In Delhi's satellite city of Gurugram, the situation is just as bleak, with residents complaining there was no sunlight because of the smog.

The air quality in Agra City, home to the iconic Mughal-era Taj Mahal monument, recorded air quality as "poor." The shining white marble mausoleum, which can be spotted from kilometers away in normal weather, was only visible as a blurred silhouette.