Oct 29, 2020 12:06 UTC
  •  Venezuela entitled to buy arms from any country, Iran included: Maduro

President Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela says his country reserves the right to buy weapons from any nation, including Iran and Russia.

Maduro made the remark during a press conference in the capital, Caracas, on Wednesday, as he was responding to the allegation made by Colombian President Ivan Duque that Venezuela had bought missiles from Iran.

"Venezuela can buy bullets, weaponry, tanks, planes, and missiles from a country that wants to sell them, be it the United States, Colombia, Iran, Russia, China, India — any country", Maduro said.

Stressing that Tehran and Caracas had had long-term relationships in many sectors, the Venezuelan president rejected Duque’s allegations but welcomed the idea of arms purchases from Iran.

"Duque said that Venezuela had bought missiles from Iran. And I replied that this was not true, but it seemed to me a very good idea," Maduro said, adding that Venezuela would consider such purchases if need be.

Relations between Venezuela and Iran go back around 70 years and have featured considerable alignment over the past two decades, in clear opposition to Washington's unilateralist and interventionist foreign policy.