Nov 20, 2020 14:57 UTC
  •  India's air quality dips again after mild improvement

New Delhi's air quality, which had improved to the 'moderate' category after a series of rain just earlier this week, deteriorated once again to 'very poor' on Friday (November 20) as traffic and buildings plunged back into a film of smog.

Minimum temperature in India's capital dipped to 12 degree Celsius in the wee hours of Friday. Winds also remained mostly stagnant and failed to improve the air.

Earlier in the week on Monday (November 16), air quality in the smog-bound capital showed marginal improvements following the rain on Sunday (November 15), a day after the Hindu festival of lights, Diwali.

New Delhi ranks among the world's most polluted cities, with air quality usually worsening at this time of year, when smoke from firecrackers celebrating the Hindu festival of lights and crops burnt in nearby states envelopes the city of more than 20 million.