Dec 05, 2020 06:46 UTC
  • Top GOP senator calls Trump’s leadership in pandemic ‘great human tragedy’

A top Republican senator has lashed out at Donald Trump’s leadership during the coronavirus pandemic worsened as a result of the post-election chaos, casting the US president's rhetoric as a “great human tragedy.”

Mitt Romney, one of Trump’s most vociferous critics, censured the president’s leadership at a time that the coronavirus surges across the country and he, instead, continues to push unfounded conspiracy theories about the election.

"Well, this hasn't been the focus of his rhetoric, apparently, and I think it's a great human tragedy, without question," Romney told CNN on Thursday night, adding that the “extraordinary loss of life is heartbreaking — and in some respects unnecessary.”

The top senator went on to say that, “Not all respects, but we've relaxed our standards as individuals. Some states haven't had mask mandates. And from Washington we have not had a constant, consistent plan and plea for people to wear masks, to social-distance, to take all the measures that would reduce the spread of this disease."

The United States officially recorded more than 14 million coronavirus cases as of Thursday, a toll suggesting that the flu-like pathogen is spreading at an alarming rate ahead of winter travel and holiday gatherings.

Trump has so far been largely silent when it comes to acknowledging the gravity of the pathological crisis, and instead, he is continuing his efforts to challenge the result of the US presidential election on November 3, in which he has declined to concede defeat to his Democratic rival, Joe Biden.