Mar 05, 2021 13:21 UTC
  • Myanmar police open fire on protesters to add one more to the fatalities

According to eye witnesses and media reports, Myanmar police opened fire on peaceful protesters in Mandalay on Friday, leaving one person dead.

The young man died from a wound to the neck adding one more to the death toll.

The protesters had been marching peacefully through the Myanmar city of Mandalay chanting: “The Stone Age is over, we’re not scared because you threaten us.”

The killings in Myanmar have been skyrocketing in the recent days.

According to the UN figures 38 people were killed by Myanmar police and security forces, on Wednesday 3 March alone.

Following this “Bloodiest Day” of the Myanmar coup, the United Nations Human Rights Chief (UNHRC) has called on Myanmar's military to halt their "vicious crackdown on peaceful protesters" and to “stop murdering” them.

According to the United Nations, since February 01 when the military junta seized power, 50 people have been killed during protests.