Apr 24, 2021 16:43 UTC
  • Macron links knife attack to Muslims, says France keeps fighting terrorism

In yet another verbal onslaught on the Muslim world, French President Emmanuel Macron has labeled a recent deadly knife attack in the country as an indication of what he claimed “Islamist terrorism” and said France would “never give in” to such radical moves.

In a violent attack on Friday, a female police officer was killed by a knife-wielding assailant at a police station in Rambouillet, a wealthy commuter town 60 kilometers from the French capital, Paris.

Police sources said the 49-year-old victim died of her wounds after being stabbed in the throat twice during the assault and that the attacker, a 36-year-old Tunisian man who was unknown to security services, was fatally wounded when another officer opened fire on him at the station.

France's national anti-terrorism prosecutors opened a terror investigation into the murder and a judicial source said three people from the suspect's "entourage" had been detained later in the day.

Police said the assailant arrived in France illegally in 2009 but had since obtained residency papers.

Sources close to the investigation said about 30 police officers, wearing balaclavas, raided the suspect's home in Rambouillet and that police had also searched the home of the person who sheltered the Tunisian when he first arrived in France.

Reacting to the deadly incident, Macron vowed on Twitter that "in our fight against Islamist terrorism, we will never give in," but provided no proof to show that the Tunisian attacker had terrorist motives or whether he was even a Muslim.