May 12, 2021 04:40 UTC
  • French soldiers warn of 'brewing civil war'; accuse Macron of silencing their voice

A group of serving French soldiers has published an open letter warning that France has been brought to the brink of “civil war,” accusing their President Emmanuel Macron for silencing their voice.

"If a civil war breaks out, the army will maintain order on its own soil," said the letter, which was addressed to Macron and his cabinet, and posted on the website of the right-wing Valeurs Actuelles magazine.

The writers of the letter introduced themselves as part of a younger generation of soldiers who have served in war-ravaged countries such as Afghanistan, Mali, and the Central African Republic.

The text follows another warning in the same right-wing magazine last month that was signed by about 20 semi-retired generals and a handful of officers.

The new message also criticized the French government's response to the "elders" who signed last month's letter.

"No one can want such a terrible situation — our elders no more than us — but yes, civil war is brewing in France and you know it perfectly well," the letter went on to say. "Did they fight for you to allow France to become a failed state?"

The French government, meanwhile, has condemned the letter, with Prime Minister Jean Castex stressing that it was a "political maneuver" by the "extreme right."

But it was welcomed by far-right leader Marine Le Pen, seen as Macron's main rival in next year's presidential election.