Jul 26, 2021 09:00 UTC
  • Doctors warn over increasing number of young people in UK with Covid in ICU

Doctors are warning that increasing numbers of young people infected with the coronavirus are being admitted to hospital in the UK, including to intensive care wards.

After the majority of Covid restrictions were lifted, pictures were released of crowded nightclubs, filled with people not wearing masks or social distancing.

According to Press TV, medics issued a stern warning that unvaccinated young people urgently needed to protect themselves against the fatal disease.

The warning came as the country saw the fifth day in a row of falling Covid case rates, marking the first time that cases have been decreasing continuously without a national lockdown.

Officials have, however, been cautious over whether this is a trend, with scientists giving a cautious welcome to these figures as they do not include the impact of the July 19 easing of restrictions.

On Sunday, Britain reported 29,173 new cases, a fall from 31,795 a day earlier. NHS England said one-third of 18- to 29-year-olds had not had at least one dose of the vaccine yet. This figure falls to one in 10 for the whole adult population.

Although there is less chance of young people dying from Covid, doctors warn that they are increasingly witnessing them become severely unwell.

Dr. Samantha Batt-Rawden, senior intensive care registrar, said patients were “getting younger and younger”.

“The vast majority of those requiring intensive care are unvaccinated: some of them will die. It is heartbreaking for us as NHS staff to watch people suffer unnecessarily knowing that this almost certainly could have been prevented by the vaccine,” she said.

“We are seeing patients in their 30s, or even in their 20s, who are fit and have no other medical problems on ICUs [intensive care units]. As an ICU doctor I am begging you to have the vaccine. Please don’t let not having the jab become the biggest mistake of your life.”