Sep 21, 2021 08:25 UTC
  • High-powered lasers can target US spy satellites: Report

The United States’ adversaries could employ giant, high-powered lasers to target the country’s spy satellites, says a report.

The idea was brought forth in a report by The Sun, citing US Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall’s speech at the 36th Space Symposium in Colorado Springs.

He also emphasized the significance of space in the current and future conflicts between the United States and its rivals -- Russia and China.

“It is impossible to overstate the importance of space-based systems to national security,” Kendall said.

The rivalry between the world’s superpowers is often cited as a potential path to the escalation of tensions between Washington and its adversaries.

According to UK air chief marshal Sir Mike Wigston, Russia has deployed satellites that "we would describe as having the characteristic of a weapon and they practiced a maneuver, that we would say, could only have been done to deliberately destroy another satellite.”

Wigston also added in his July interview that China has continued to "develop anti-satellite technology, and that’s everything from missiles that directly target satellites, to laser dazzle weapons, to electronic jamming to physically ramming other satellites.”

Moscow and Washington have deep-seated differences over a host of issues, including the situation in Ukraine, arms control, human rights, and cybersecurity.

Observers believe such differences are rooted in the geopolitical rivalry between the two major nuclear armed states.

Relations between the US and China have also been marked by heightened tensions in recent years, with clashes on issues like trade, the pandemic, and regional interference.