Nov 23, 2021 16:46 UTC
  • Russia warns US against sending military advisers, weapons to Ukraine

Russia has warned the United States against provoking tensions in Ukraine as Washington is reportedly considering sending military advisers and new weaponry to the Eastern European country.

According to the media reports, the United States wants to send military advisers and new equipment, including weaponry, to Ukraine as tension rises between Kiev and Moscow.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov warned about the plan on Tuesday, saying it would lead "to further escalation on the line of contact."

"We are seriously concerned by Ukraine's actions on the line of contact in eastern Ukraine and the possibility of a Ukrainian decision to use force there," he said.

Peskov rejected allegations that Russia was planning to invade Ukraine, describing them as "absurd."

"Russia is not making any aggressive plans," Peskov said, urging Kiev to return to a peace settlement plan agreed with Moscow.

He also warned against Kiev's attempts to build up military forces and weaponry near the border with Russia.

Ukraine's Defense Ministry, however, reiterated the allegations on Tuesday, saying that Moscow was "increasing the combat readiness" of pro-Russia forces in eastern Ukraine. The ministry said in a statement that the pro-Russia forces had kicked off large-scale military exercises on Monday.

Relations between Moscow and Kiev have been strained since a conflict erupted in Ukraine's eastern region of the Donbass between Ukrainian government forces and ethnic Russians in 2014.