Dec 01, 2021 09:41 UTC
  • Shooting at Michigan high school leaves three students dead, 8 injured; boy, 15, in custody

A 15-year-old boy allegedly opened fire with a semiautomatic handgun at a high school in rural Michigan on Tuesday, killing three students and injuring eight others including one teacher.

The three slain students were a 16-year-old boy, and two girls, 14 and 17. Two of the injured victims were in surgery Tuesday evening, and the other six were at hospitals in stable condition.

According to Press TV quoting the Oakland County Sheriff's Office, the suspect was taken into police custody following the incident which took place shortly after noon at Oxford High School.

"There was no resistance during the arrest and the suspect has asked for a lawyer and has not made any statements as to a motive," the sheriff's office said.

"It's a very tragic situation," Undersheriff Michael McCabe told reporters.

"We have three deceased victims right now, who are all believed to be students," he said. "We have lots of upset parents," he said.

According to police, the shooter unleashed 15-20 shots over nearly five minutes from his handgun with more than one magazine.

Student Abbey Hodder, 15, said she was in chemistry class when she heard the sound of glass breaking.

"My teacher kind of ran out and was scrambling," Hodder told the Detroit Free Press. "The next thing I knew I saw he was pushing tables. It's part of school protocol to barricade, so we all knew, barricade, barricade down. And we all started pushing tables."

Elissa Slotkin, who represents the district north of Detroit in the US House of Representatives, said she was "horrified" by the shooting.

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer described mass shootings as a "uniquely American" problem that must be addressed.