Dec 05, 2021 10:06 UTC
  • Indian troops kill villagers protesting in remote state

Indian forces have shot and killed at least 14 civilians in the remote northeastern State of Nagaland.

An army officer said on Sunday that Indian troops, operating on intelligence about a movement of militants in the area, had mistakenly shot dead six laborers after firing on a truck in an ambush. The soldiers later opened fire at a crowd that had gathered to protest the incident by burning two army vehicles, killing eight more people.

According to Press TV, one soldier was also killed in the clashes and nine other civilians were being treated for gunshot wounds in local hospitals.

Nagaland police officer Sandeep M. Tamgadge told AFP that the situation in the region was "very tense right now."

Nagaland state’s top elected official, Neiphiu Rio, said the whole incident was unfortunate.

The chief minister called on the residents of the area to be calm and announced an investigation into the incidents.

The Indian army confirmed that one soldier had been killed and an unspecified number of troops wounded after the laborers' family members and other villagers went looking for the missing men and confronted the troops after finding the dead bodies.

The army added that the troops had set up the ambush based on "credible intelligence" that militants were operating in the region.

"The cause of the unfortunate loss of lives is being investigated at the highest level and appropriate action will be taken as per the course of law," the army statement said.

India's Home Minister Amit Shah too expressed regret over the tragic incident. He gave assurances to the victims' relatives that New Delhi would "ensure justice to the bereaved families."