Dec 05, 2021 13:05 UTC
  • Five dead after Myanmar military forces ram truck into Yangon rally

Myanmar's junta forces have rammed a military truck into protesters taking part in a peaceful anti-coup rally in Yangon, causing a number of casualties.

At least five people were killed and dozens were injured in the incident on Sunday morning, according to local media reports.

The military truck hit the crowd from the back, witnesses said, and soldiers followed the scattered protesters, arresting and beating them.

Some were seriously injured in the encounter and some became unconscious.

Photos and videos on social media show a vehicle crashing through the protesters and bodies lying on the road.

In the afternoon, protesters staged another anti-junta rally in Yangon.

Meanwhile, the defense ministry of the opposition shadow government, referred to as the National Unity Government, condemned the act of violence by the junta forces.

The junta accused the protesters of initiating the violence.

People at the scene reported differently.