Jan 05, 2022 08:02 UTC
  • Biden could be impeached if GOP wins the House in 2022 midterms, Republican senator suggests

A top Republican senator has suggested that there is a “chance” for the US House of Representatives to impeach President Joe Biden if the GOP manages to win majority in the lower chamber of Congress following the 2022 midterm elections.

Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz made the comments on the latest episode of his podcast referencing the Democrats’ efforts to impeach former President Donald Trump, in which the Democrats had "weaponized impeachment.”

"They used it for partisan purposes to go after Trump because they disagreed with him. One of the real disadvantages of doing that is the more you weaponize it and turn it into a partisan cudgel, you know, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander," Cruz said.

According to Press TV, Trump became the first president in US history to be impeached twice. He was impeached by the House twice during his four-year tenure in the White House, first in December 2019 and then again in January 2021.

The House first impeached the former president accusing him of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress, in connection with his dealings with Ukraine.

In his last days in the White House, Trump was impeached again, for incitement of an insurrection, following the deadly assault on the Capitol on January 6 where his thousands of supporters tried to capture the building housing the US Congress.  Six people died in the incident.

The Republican-held Senate, however, acquitted him on all charges.

Following his second acquittal in February 2021, Trump said the impeachment effort was “yet another phase of the greatest witch hunt in the history of our Country.”

The Texas senator cited the current president’s handling of the immigration, further adding that there are "multiple grounds to consider for impeachment" of Biden.

"Probably the most compelling is the utter lawlessness of President Biden's refusal to enforce the border. His decision to just defy federal immigration laws and allow 2 million people to come here unimpeded in direct contravention of his obligation under Article Two of the Constitution to take care that the laws be faithfully executed," he said. "That is probably the strongest grounds right now for impeachment, but there may be others. Because the Democrats decided this is just another tool in the partisan war chest, I think there is a real risk that this turnabout will be fair play.”