Jan 18, 2022 08:34 UTC
  • Seven protesters killed as Sudan security forces clash with protesters

At least seven protesters have been shot dead after clashes erupted between Sudan's security forces and people taking part in rallies against the October military coup in the capital Khartoum and the city of Wad Madani.

The independent Sudanese Doctors' Central Committee said on the Facebook page of Khartoum state’s health ministry on Monday that the protesters “were killed by live bullets” by “militias of the putschist military council.”

This brought the death toll of protesters killed since last year's military coup to 71, the medics added.

According to an AFP correspondent, Sudan's security forces fired volleys of tear gas at protesters who were heading toward the presidential palace in Khartoum, causing several injuries.

A number of others also suffered breathing difficulties due to inhaling tear gas.

"Around 2,000 people took to the streets as they called for civilian rule," said a witness in Wad Madani.

Thousands of protesters demanded that the military return to their barracks and chanted "the rule is that of the people's" in North Khartoum, witnesses said.

The latest rallies were held ahead of a visit by US diplomats seeking to revive a transition to civilian rule. US envoy to the Horn of Africa David Satterfield and Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs Molly Phee are expected in the capital this week for meetings with civic groups, military and political figures.

More than two years ago, massive anti-government demonstrations hit Sudan, mostly over the economy. The protesters, youths for a large part, demanded the resignation of then President Omar al-Bashir.