Jun 28, 2022 18:40 UTC
  • More Western weapons for Ukraine to mean longer war: Russia

Russia has warned the United States and its Western allies against sending weapons to Ukraine, saying the more weapons arrive in the country, the longer the war will last.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Tuesday that Moscow had “repeatedly commented on US and European plans to pump new and different weapons into Ukraine.”

“These plans are being implemented against the backdrop of vociferous statements about how unfeasible it is to achieve peace on Russian terms, about how inadmissible it would be to start peace negotiations until Ukraine reaches a decisive turning point in its military activities,” Lavrov told a news conference during a visit to Turkmenistan.

Since the start of Russia’s military campaign in Ukraine on February 24, the United States and its European allies have been sending a flood of advanced weapons into Ukraine to help Kiev fend off Russian forces.

“The more they pump weapons into Ukraine, the longer this conflict will last, and the longer the agony of the Nazi regime, which is supported by the Western capitals, will continue,” Lavrov said.

Russian Ambassador to the US Anatoly Antonov also raised concern about “the reckless and unanswered flooding of Ukraine with arms,” as the war entered its fifth month on Friday.

Antonov said that the move would “only tightens the conflict spiral and increases the threat of the further escalation with unpredictable consequences.”

“However, Washington’s ruling circles, blinded by the idea to weaken Russia, are still not capable to rationally assess the whole danger of their moves,” the ambassador added.