Jun 29, 2022 11:42 UTC
  • Russian takeover of Lysychansk only a matter of time: Press TV

A Press TV correspondent says it is only a matter of time until Russian forces take Ukraine's strategic city of Lysychansk, the twin city of Severodonetsk in the Donbass, as Moscow pushes ahead to capture the entire eastern Ukrainian region.

"The Russian army at the moment, they say they have taken about a third of Lysychansk. It is of course the twin city of Severodonetsk. That battle went on for a couple of weeks there. It looks like this battle for Lysychansk will not take as long. It looks like the Russians inevitably will take it," Johnny Miller said on Wednesday from the center of Donetsk, where he is currently to cover the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

"Much of the Ukrainian army has withdrawn, but they are putting up still a fierce resistance in that city. But it looks like only a matter of time for the Russians to take it," he added.

The Press TV correspondent said that since the Russians have overwhelming superiority in artillery, the Ukrainians don't have much of a chance to continue their defense.

Miller said the Russians may push ahead to take control of Slovyansk and Kramatorsk after seizing Lysychansk, to complete their takeover of the entire Donbass.

Russia's military has seized the key Ukrainian city of Severodonetsk after weeks of fierce fighting. Mayor Oleksandr Stryuk said on Saturday that Ukrainian troops have "almost left" the heavily contested eastern city.

Severodonetsk had been the epicenter of the battles in eastern Ukraine for control over the industrialized Donbass region, made up of the Lugansk and Donetsk provinces.

The governor of the Lugansk region, Sergiy Gaiday, said on Saturday that Russian forces are advancing on Lysychansk.

After taking control of Lugansk, the Russians would be able to push further into Ukraine's industrial heartland of the Donbass.