Jul 03, 2022 07:01 UTC
  • Congresswoman slams US-led ‘proxy war’ in Ukraine, blames ‘deadly profitable industry’

A US Republican congresswoman has described Washington’s massive military aid to Ukraine as a “proxy war” against Russia, calling war “a deadly profitable industry” and demanding US withdrawal from the NATO military alliance.

“The American people do not want war with Russia, but NATO & our own foolish leaders are dragging us into one. We should pull out of NATO,” said right-wing Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene in a Twitter post on Thursday while referring to the Biden administration’s massive military aid to Ukraine as a “proxy war” against Russia that Americans have no appetite for.

Ukraine is the “new Iraq wrapped up with a pretty little NATO bow, with a nuclear present inside,” she further added in a series of tweets in which she has expressed fierce criticism of Washington’s response to the Ukraine conflict by sending billions of taxpayer dollars to the country and risking a potential nuclear war.

The only people vying for a conflict with Russia are “those who make money off of it,” the US legislator further emphasized, identifying them as “NGOs, defense contracts of all kinds, grants, business deals, even humanitarian aid, political consultants, & more,” adding: “War is an industry. A deadly profitable industry.”

“Grinding up Ukraine to fight with Russia is disgusting, they could have been an ally,” the congresswoman – known for her strong support of former US President Donald Trump – reiterated.

Warmongers in Washington seeking war with Russia “should suit up and go fight it” themselves, she went on to emphasize. “Send your kids and leave ours alone. Pay for it yourself.”

The lawmaker further pointed to a host of troubles across the US that she views as more pressing for the American people, from soaring inflation to fentanyl overdoses and rampant crime.

Greene’s strong criticism of the Biden administration’s military aid to Kiev came as Washington unveiled yet another $820 million weapons package for Ukraine on Friday, taking the total of US military support to Kiev under Biden to $7.6 billion.

The new package includes surface-to-air missile systems and counter-artillery radars to boost the embattled Ukrainian military.