Jul 04, 2022 12:02 UTC
  • German journalist faces detention for reporting on Ukrainian crimes in Donbass

An independent German journalist is facing a criminal probe in her home country for reporting on crimes committed by Ukrainian forces against civilians in the eastern Donbass region of the war-ravaged country.

In an exclusive interview with Press TV correspondent Johnny Miller, Alina Lipp revealed that she was being subject to criminal proceedings by the German government and had received a letter from judicial authorities in her home country threatening her with a three-year jail term.

“The news that I said was that Ukraine is shelling civilians already for eight years, and I also said that this is a genocide and that people here and Donbass support the special operation of Russia,” Lipp told Press TV.

“It turns out to be a criminal act for German, so they took 1,600 euros from my bank account and didn’t even tell me about it,” she added.

She termed the knee-jerk reaction of German authorities over her fair and objective coverage of the war in Ukraine as "unbelievable", slamming the European country's bogus claims of free speech and media freedom.

“They just want to put me in prison for three years. It’s unbelievable. They opened this case because I’m saying and I’m sharing my opinion, so there’s no free speech anymore in Germany.”

In his ground report, Miller said that Lipp was "not allowed to defend herself at a court hearing", adding that "either the German courts are trying to prosecute honest journalists, or that frankly, they don't have even the most basic grasp of international politics.”

He also interviewed an independent Spanish-Russian journalist, Lui Sivaya, who said she too had been “harassed” and “pursued” for her reporting on the suffering of people in Donbass region at the hands of the Ukrainian forces.

“At first, I received a lot of hate comments. I also received harassment. Different people pursued me. They published my phone number, my private information, the address where I used to leave,” Sivaya told Press TV.

Sivaya and Alina are not the only independent journalists under threat of imprisonment for reporting objectively from the frontline of the war that is now into its fifth month. 

Alina is a former Green Party politician who has been based in Ukraine’s restive Donbass region for six months.

She has faced suspension from some social media platforms and has also had her Paypal account suspended.