Aug 08, 2022 12:01 UTC
  • Nearly 70 percent in new poll say US economy getting worse

More than two-thirds of Americans in a new poll say the US economy is getting worse, as inflation has hit a four-decade high in the United States.

The ABC News/Ipsos survey, conducted from August 5 to August 6, found that 69 percent of respondents said that they think the US economy is getting worse, The Hill reported.

Eighteen percent of those surveyed believe that the economy has remained the same. Twelve percent of respondents said that the economy is getting better.

Meanwhile, 34 percent of respondents said they approve of President Joe Biden’s handling of gas prices.

An incredible 75 percent of Republican likely voters said they are very keen about voting in the midterm elections, while 68 percent of Democrats agreed as did 49 percent of independents.

The Biden administration has been censured for the economic woes, which is likely to harm Democrats in the November midterm elections.

Inflation reached a 40-year high two months ago and has remained near those levels. Meanwhile, gas prices continue to climb across the US.

Republicans have slammed the Biden administration for failing to contain inflation and want to make it a major issue for their campaigns.

However, Democrats vow they are still the best party to contain inflation while also mobilizing voters on other issues like the rise of white supremacy, following a mass shooting in Buffalo that left 10 Black people dead.

According to another recent poll, 51 percent of people agree with the label of “weak” for the Democratic Party, while 49 percent describe Democrats as “extreme.”

Only 30 percent of Americans said that Democrats are “in touch” and “effective.”

Some 54 percent of Americans called Republicans “extreme,” according to the CBS/YouGov survey, conducted May 18-20, while half of all Americans said the Republican Party is “hateful.”

About 46 percent of Americans agree with the wording “strong” for the Republican Party. About 41 percent said they were “weak,” and 37 percent said they were “caring.”

Democrats in the US are staring at a doom and gloom situation ahead of midterm elections as Biden continues to lose his support base.

Other recent opinion polls have depicted a gloomy landscape for Democrats as they gear up for the 2022 midterm elections.