Aug 19, 2022 11:54 UTC
  • US readying additional $800 million in military aid to Ukraine: Report

The United States is readying some $800 million worth of additional military aid to Ukraine, three sources familiar with the matter have told the Reuters news agency.

The sources, speaking on condition of anonymity, told Reuters on Thursday that the new US military assistance could be announced as soon as Friday but added that an announcement could slip into next week.

US President Joe Biden would authorize the military aid using his Presidential Drawdown Authority, which allows the president to authorize the transfer of excess weapons from US stocks, they said.

They also said that weapons packages can change in value before they are announced.

The US has given billions of dollars worth of weapons to Ukraine since Russian President Vladimir Putin declared a “special military operation” in Ukraine with the aim of “demilitarizing” and “denazifying” the country.

Ranging from anti-armor missiles to helicopters and beyond, the publicly-announced lethal aid packages have already exceeded $8 billion, with the vast majority of transfers happening under the Presidential Drawdown Authority.

Since the beginning of August, the Pentagon has announced two military aid packages worth $550 million and $1 billion. They include HIMARS ammunition, artillery ammunition, Javelin missiles and other anti-armor weapons.

Russia has repeatedly warned that US and NATO shipments of weapons to Ukraine add fuel to the conflict between Moscow and Kiev and could bring unpredictable consequences.

Last Friday, Moscow announced that Russian forces had destroyed a US-made radar system and advanced US-made missiles in eastern Ukraine.

In its daily briefing, Russia’s Defense Ministry said two High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS) and AN/MPQ-64 radar systems in use by Ukrainian forces were destroyed in the Donetsk region.

The announcement came two days after the ministry said Russian forces had destroyed a German-supplied Gepard anti-aircraft system in use by Ukrainian forces in the Mykolaiv region.

The defense ministry also said it had shot down three Ukrainian warplanes in the Mykolaiv region, as well as seven HIMARS missiles in the neighboring Kherson region.