Nov 24, 2022 06:21 UTC
  • US announces $400 million new military aid for Ukraine

The United States has announced $400 million in new military aid, which includes weapons, munitions and air defense equipment, for Ukraine, deepening its involvement in the war in defiance of repeated warnings by Russia.

"The artillery ammunition, precision fires, air defense missiles, and tactical vehicles that we are providing will best serve Ukraine on the battlefield," Secretary of State Antony Blinken said in a statement on Wednesday.

The State Department said the package includes weapons, ammunition and air defense equipment from US stocks and one of the goals is to help Ukraine defend against steady Russian attacks on energy infrastructure, AFP reported.

The State Department added that it will bring the Biden administration’s total commitment to Kiev to nearly $19.7 billion.

The department also said that US allies such as Britain, France and Sweden also announced multi-million dollar aid packages for Ukraine recently.

Meanwhile, the Pentagon said the package included additional munitions for NASAMS air defense systems and for high mobility artillery rocket systems (HIMARS).

US President Joe Biden has said he expects American aid to Ukraine will continue without interruption despite opposition by Republicans, who are expected to use their new majority in the House of Representatives to monitor the flow of aid.

Russia has repeatedly warned that supplying Kiev with more and more weapons will only exacerbate the conflict, which is now in its ninth month.