Dec 08, 2017 13:20 UTC
  • Putin meets with senior Chinese military official

Russian President Vladimir Putin has met with a senior Chinese military official, as Moscow and Beijing seek to forge stronger military cooperation.

During the meeting with Zhang Youxia, who is a member of the Political Bureau of Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee and the vice chairman of CPC Central Military Commission (CMC), in Moscow on Thursday, Putin said that military cooperation played a vital role in Russia-China relations.

Putin said Moscow and Beijing had to continue to strengthen their cooperation in joint military drills and military training. Building strong bonds with China are at the top of Russia’s foreign policy agenda, he said.

He insisted that the two countries had to further strengthen these bonds to help secure regional and global peace and stability in their pursuit of mutual goals shared by the two nations.

Zhang, for his part, said ties between the two countries’ military forces were expanding and deepening with effective practical cooperation on both sides.

Zhang said that China was ready to work with Russia to jointly safeguard the security interests of both countries and make a greater contribution to the peace, stability, and development of China and Russia as well as the region, and the world.

Last week, China’s Defense Ministry announced plans to increase military cooperation between China and Russia in the area of air defense.

Military cooperation between China and Russia would work to adjust the balance in the region, which has been offset by the United States, an extra-regional power that has extensive military presence over various pretexts.