Jan 29, 2018 07:29 UTC
  • Republican mega donors Charles and David Koch (L)
    Republican mega donors Charles and David Koch (L)

Republican mega donors Charles and David Koch will spend $400 million for the GOP’s cause in 2018, their largest ever investment in an election cycle.

According to Press TV, their network managed to draw hundreds of top conservative donors on Saturday to an exclusive resort, Renaissance Indian Wells Resort & Spa, in the California desert, where planning was underway for the 218 mid-term elections.

“Charles Koch challenged us to step things up by an order of magnitude … and that’s what we’re going to do,” said Brian Hooks, the Co-Chairman of the gathering.

The event at the swanky resort was also the largest the brothers have managed to hold with 550 participants, among them 160 first timers.

More than a half-dozen Republican elected officials, including several senators and governors, also took part at the event.

This is while US President Donald Trump is facing historical lows in his job approval rating and his presidency has rallied liberals against him.

“The left is energized, there’s no question about that,” said Americans For Prosperity President Tim Phillips. “We’re all in, we know the challenges out there.”

More than a year after his tenure, the Republican president has failed to keep any of his campaign promises, except tax cuts that are blamed to favor the rich and corporations rather than his base, white working class families.

“We’re hopeful… When you look at recent coverage of the public’s view of tax reform, it’s going up as they see pay raises,” Phillips claimed. “We’re urging [GOP lawmakers] to continue to go big.”