Apr 15, 2016 13:38 UTC
  • Two Armenian troops killed in Karabakh despite truce

Fighters supported by Armenia accuse the Azerbaijani government troops of killing two Armenian soldiers amid the recent tensions over the dispute region of Nagorno-Karabakh.

According to the reports, Azerbaijani forces, the fighters said, fired heavy and automatic weapons across the region Friday, violating 60 times overnight a shaky ceasefire agreement that has been in place for a while.

Russia brokered the ceasefire agreement that was struck between the warring sides on April 5 to end several days of fighting which claimed at least 110 lives. The two sides continue trading accusations over violating the truce.

On April 8, officials in the self-proclaimed ministry of defense in Nagorno-Karabakh said an Armenian soldier was killed on the line of contact and two ethnic Armenian militiamen were also left dead as mortars hit the ethnic Armenian positions in Karabakh.

The new wave of unrest in Karabakh and surrounding areas in Azerbaijan have sparked concerns about resumption of hostilities in the strategic region, which has been relatively calm since the end of a three-year war in 1994.

Fears are also high that the war could trigger a broader conflict in the Caucasus region between Russia and Turkey.