Sep 23, 2019 15:20 UTC

The Ba'athist regime of Saddam invaded the Iranian territory from the air, sea and ground on September 22, 1980. This invasion was done by the orders of the Iraqi dictator's masters in the US and the former Soviet Union.

The imposed war lingered for 8 years while the Iranian youths created unique scenes of valour and selflessness in defence of their country, religion and revolution. hence the war was dubbed as the Holy Defence in Iran.

Saddam, tore the 1975 Algiers Agreement which had been signed between Iran and Iraq to settle border disputes. The Iraqi dictator was himself a signatory of the agreement. Edward Woodlock, an American expert, said four days after the beginning of the Iraqi invasion that Iraq might have intended three goals in the invasion: The first goal of the Iraqis is to have control over Arvand River. The Second goal is to annex Khuzestan province and the third goal is to overthrow Imam Khomeini. On the mechanism of realization of these goals in a process, he wrote, "After achieving the first goal, namely dominance over Arvand River, Iraq will continue the war to reach the second goal, i.e. to seize Khuzestan and then will persist in the third goal."

Taha Yasin Ramazan, then Iraqi deputy premier and commander of the Iraqi people's army, stated in an exclusive interview that, "We have been emphasizing the point that the war will not end except with the total annihilation of the system ruling in Iran."

Ayatollah Khamenei, who was Imam Khomeini's representative in the Supreme Defence Council, said, "This is a clear matter. They waged war to destroy the Islamic system or force it to submit. It wouldn't make any difference for them. They wanted either to destroy the Islamic Republic as a result of occupation and calamities of war or, if not possible, like many countries that are beleaguered by disasters and finally face to a power and stretch their hand toward it, the Iranian nation and the Great Imam of this nation may be forced to give in to the enemies, stretch their hand and say, 'Well, we submit. Don't let Iraq pound us this much.' No doubt, this was their goal. But this wish didn't come true."

One of the characteristics of the imposed war against Iran was that both the western and eastern camps and their lackeys had ganged up behind Saddam's regime. They didn’t allow the UN Security Council, neither during the years of war nor after that, to announce the name of Saddam's regime as the invader. Hence, any resolution that was issued would just demand both parties to be self-strained and abide by cease-fire. Throughout the war, Saddam enjoyed the full support of the US, the former Soviet Union and over 50 countries economically, militarily and in terms of intelligence. The Iraqi dictator didn't hesitate to use chemical weapons against civilians. To compensate his defeats on the battlefield, Saddam dragged the war deep into the cities and villages and bombarded educational and industrial centers. The Great Satan (the US) and the European regimes, which have deafened the ears of humanity with humanitarian claims, gave their advanced arms and ammunitions to Saddam to delay his collapse.

The 8-year holy defence of the Iranian people against the Global Arrogance, which had used Saddam as its puppet to fight Iran, had lasting achievements for the Islamic Republic of Iran. These achievements were in the domains of culture, politics, society, economy and so on. The most important achievement was that the Iranian nation gained self-confidence. The holy defence instilled the belief in the Iranian youths that they can stand alone for years against big powers and can manufacture their weapons and equipment.

Imam Khomeini said, "As time passes from the imposed unwanted war, the power of Islam, the Islamic Republic and the military and law enforcement forces and the perseverance of the committed nation becomes clearer and stronger; and the disgrace of the world-devourers and their flunkeys and minions will be more evident and the saboteurs, hypocrites and deviated will be exposed further."

Elsewhere in his remarks, the Imam stressed, "Owing to the courage of our brave soldiers, our great nation succeeded to prove this issue that nobody can infiltrate in this country and nobody can harm this country."

Without doubt, the Axis of Resistance in the region has learnt the struggle against Arrogance and Zionism from Imam Khomeini and his successor, Ayatollah Khamenei. The day is not far when the people of West Asia will see the total obliteration of the Zionist regime from the region and it will be the precursor for the demise of the American hegemony and oppression across the globe.