Nov 07, 2019 15:15 UTC

The Islamic Revolution and the sacred Islamic system have maintained elevated goals and ideals from the very beginning to this day. One of these goals have been standing firm against bullying powers and defending the oppressed and downtrodden people.

Negation of domination; support for independence and freedom; and establishment of righteous and just ruling systems for the entire international community are part of the policies which have been institutionalized in the sacred Islamic system.

Within this framework, Iran's Islamic Revolution was the cornerstone for the emergence of Islamic awakening of Muslim nations.

Currently, the Islamic Revolution, in its second phase, has proven and institutionalized the strength and influence of the resistance front in the fate of oppressed regional nations and the deterioration of the usurper Zionist regime of Israel.

At this historical turning point, the Leader of Islamic Revolution, upon issuance of the statement related to the second phase of the Islamic Revolution, has elaborated on the resounding accomplishments in the post-revolution era, and has rendered important recommendations for the grand Jihad for building the great Islamic Iran.

Based on this outlook, the statement related to the second phase of the Islamic Revolution depicts the bright future path of Islamic Iran and is a long-term strategy for entering the second stage of self-development as well as the development of the community and civilization.

Within the second phase of the Islamic Revolution, emphasis has been put on fulfillment of the valuable goals and ideals of the Islamic Revolution.

In accordance with the 152nd and 154th Tenets of Islamic Republic of Iran's Constitution; defending the rights of all Muslims and supporting the righteous struggles of the oppressed against oppressors across the globe is a responsibility which is shouldered by the Islamic Republic of Iran's foreign policy.

Supporting the Palestinian nation is also an important foreign policy of Iran, which has been pointed out by the officials of the sacred Islamic system and the Iranian people on several occasions.

According to Islamic Iran's Constitution, the goals of Iran's foreign policy are based on a number of transparent principles, such as defending the rights of Muslims, supporting the oppressed in their steadfastness against oppressors across the world, and supporting the freedom-seeking movements. These principles manifest that Islamic Iran is committed to backing the oppressed and downtrodden nations in the face of injustices.

Meanwhile, the Leader of Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei, in a keynote speech, addressing the international confab in support for Palestinian Intifada, convened in Tehran, reminded that those who established the spurious Zionist regime of Israel in the region in order to somehow obstruct regional stability and development via imposing a long-term confrontation, are behind the existing seditions.

Currently, the Iranian nation, Muslims and freedom-seeking people across the globe strongly condemn the atrocities of Zionist regime of Israel, and express their resentment toward the criminal ringleaders of the illegal Zionist entity, while demanding the fulfillment of the inalienable rights of the oppressed Palestinian nation.

The Islamic Republic of Iran has made utmost efforts to render effective strategies to this end. Iran's relentless support for the rights of the Palestinian nation, which has resulted in the reinforcement of grounds for establishment and maintenance of peace and security in the region is based on this approach.

The Leader of Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei, in an address to the officials in charge of Hajj pilgrimage, noted: Now, the US officials have referred to their Satanic policy toward Palestine as the Deal of the Century. However, they should know that upon divine blessings, this so-called Deal of the Century will never materialize; the issue of Palestine will never be forgotten; and Holy Quds will remain as the Capital of Palestine.

Meanwhile, the expert on Palestinian affairs, Majid Safa Taaj, in an analysis of the US goals within the framework of the so-called Deal of the Century project, notes that the Israeli regime is hell-bent on removal of the right of Palestinians to return, within the framework of the so-called Deal of the Century, while the Saudi regime and the US also pursue this sinister goal.

Occupation of the Palestinian territories by the Zionist regime; and the heinous crimes committed by the Israeli regime against the Palestinian and Lebanese people in previous years have been fully supported by the US.

Meanwhile, Islamic Republic of Iran believes that the issue of Palestine is the main topic in the political affairs of the Islamic Ummah, and everyone is duty-bound to make utmost efforts for the freedom of Palestinian nation.

Islamic Republic of Iran has always emphasized on supporting the oppressed Palestinian nation, maintaining peace and security in the region, and condemning the divisive and unilateral policies of the US and Zionist regime.

 On April 2018, and in response to the letter of the political chief of Palestine Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas, Ismail Hanieh; the Leader of Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei, once against put emphasis on the permanent and full-scale support of Islamic Republic of Iran for Palestine.

Under the current sensitive conditions, supporting the inalienable rights of the oppressed Palestinian people in order to drive out the Zionist invaders from the Land of Palestine is one of the most vivid examples of the religious and national responsibilities of Islamic countries. This grand move will undoubtedly determine the fate of Palestine in line with the Palestinian nation's cause.