Nov 17, 2019 10:37 UTC

The Leader of Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei, in his keynote remarks on the importance of scientific and technological growth and development in the second phase of the Islamic Revolution, pointed out that knowledge is the most evident tool and means of any given country for attainment and maintenance of its dignity and might. Knowledge leads to ability.

The Islamic Revolution took steps in the path of growth and development, maintaining a hopeful outlook despite of the existing problems, and enduring all of the hostilities and conspiracies of the Global Arrogance, thereby granting meaning to Iran's honor and progress in all domains.

In the past decades, Islamic Iran has taken major strides toward progress and growth. In fact, the past forty years have been coupled with glittering accomplishments and astounding progress, nationwide.

The Leader of Islamic Revolution, within the statement on the second phase of the Islamic Revolution, notes the in the pre-revolution era everything was against us. The former Pahlavi despotic regime was dependent and corrupt, and was a stooge of the US and a number of other Western regimes. Iran's internal circumstances were intensely chaotic, and there was a shameful underdevelopment in science, technology, politics, spirituality and any other virtue, in Iran, in the pre-revolution era. Obviously, Marxist uprisings could not be considered as role models for a revolution, which was rooted in faith in God and Islamic teachings. The Islamic revolutionaries started from scratch; and the combination of Republicanism and Islamism, and the means of its establishment and progress, was achieved as the result of divine guidance, pure heart and grand outlook of the Founder of Islamic Republic of Iran, late Imam Khomeini (God's mercy upon him). This was the first glittering accomplishment of the Islamic Revolution.

In fact, Islamic Revolution put an end to a long historical downward spiral, and Iran, which was humiliated and underdeveloped during the reign of Pahlavi and Qajarid eras, was put on the path of swift development and progress. Meanwhile, the covered path is only part of the honorable move toward the elevated ideals of the sacred Islamic system.

 Iran maintains unique natural and human capacities and resources, which can be further activated in line with the set goals for the material and spiritual growth of the country, within the framework of the second phase of the Islamic Revolution.

Currently, Iranian youths present a valuable opportunity for the growth and development of Islamic Iran. The statement on the second phase of the Islamic Revolution notes: "Thirty-six million youths between the ages of 15 and 40; almost 14 million people with high academic achievements; large number of youths who have grown up with a revolutionary spirit and are prepared for Jihadi efforts; and a significant number of young researchers and thinkers who have shaped scientific, cultural and industrial creations; are huge and unique assets for Islamic Iran."

The Leader of Islamic Revolution, in the statement on the second phase of the Islamic Revolution, reminds that there is also a long list of existing material opportunities in the country. While Iran has accommodated one percent of the global population, this country sits on 7% of the global mineral reserves.

The statement on second phase of the Islamic Revolution partly reads: Huge underground resources; exceptional geographical position between East, West, North, and South; a huge national market; a large regional market with 15 neighboring countries which have accommodated 600 million people; long national coastlines; fertility of lands and a diverse range of agricultural products; and a large and diversified economy; are part of Islamic Iran's capacities; many of which have remained intact. It is said that Iran is ranked first across the globe in regard to its unused natural and human capacities and resources.

Given these capacities; the sacred Islamic establishment, in the second phase of the Islamic Revolution, has focused upon utilization of previous achievements in the fields of indigenous sciences and technologies, in addition to activation of unused capacities, in this domain, so that Iran's progress in the production sector, and national economy is expedited.

One of the members of the academic board of Imam Sadeq (AS) University, Mohammad Sadeq Nosratpanah, notes that: Focus on youths' acquirement of knowledge and research is the cornerstone of the new Islamic civilization, which was pointed out by the Leader of Islamic Revolution in the statement on the second phase of the Islamic Revolution. Hence, in order to achieve these goals; Iranian youths who are the assets of the country, should ascend the elevated pinnacles of scientific growth and might in order to register national progress and development.