Dec 02, 2019 10:07 UTC

Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei on Tuesday, November 19, met a large number of entrepreneurs, manufacturers, and economic activists, and gave tidings that with their untiring efforts Iran will defeat the economic terrorism of the US, like its victories over the enemies in various other fields.

The following is the third and concluding part of excerpts of the Leader’s speech, which we have divided into three parts for the convenience of our listeners and readers.

The Leader of Islamic Revolution said: “Producers also make some mistakes, but not all mistakes are at the same level. It is not the case that every mistake makes supervisory organizations pour into production units and create problems for them. This is our advice to such organizations. Of course, some commit an act of treason. Their case is different, but there are some mistakes and errors that can be removed with warnings and with second chances.

“Fortunately, the honourable head of the judiciary branch said to me a while ago – perhaps a week ago – that they have prevented a large number of production units, which were on the verge of being closed down, from being closed down. Well, this is very good. Supervisory organizations should pay attention to this point.

“Another necessary word of advice to the administration is stability in its monetary and financial policies. It should have stability in its policies. Policies which change every few months or once a year deal hard blows to the production of the country.

“There is another point based on our experience in doing business with foreigners. Experience has shown that foreign companies are not willing to transfer basic and fundamental technologies to Iran. One of our friends in this meeting said we have transferred technology to such and such a country. I said to him, “It is very good to transfer technology.” However, others send their products, but they refuse to send their technology to us. I am not saying that you should do the same. Sometimes, it is necessary to transfer technology because it is very good and it is a source of credit for the country, but others do not do that, particularly in major fields such as oil, the automobile industry and petrochemicals. Therefore, domestic organizations should seriously provide the needs of the country in these areas.

“A year or two ago, the Ministry of Oil came up with a project according to which foreigners would drill oil wells under certain terms since we had some shortcoming in this area. What I want to say is that: Is the kind of genius and talent that produced stem cells in the country without any help from others – the day when we achieved this, it was a very complex and rare industry in the world – or enriched uranium from three, three-and-a-half percent to twenty percent while no international organization and no country was willing to help us in any way, incapable of drilling wells and extracting oil in a better and efficient way? It can certainly do. This is one of the most fundamental tasks. There should be planning for basic technologies and we should grasp this historic opportunity.”

Ayatollah Khamenei pointed out: “Take note, the oil and automobile companies left the country sooner than the others. Some people became upset at this, but we should become happy. Very well, they left, but we have so many resources in the area of building automobile components. One of the friends in tonight’s meeting touched on this matter. We can develop the necessary components for the oil and automobile industries. We can benefit from the existing resources. Executive officials can play a very efficient role in this regard. We should focus on efforts when it comes to building components in different areas – oil, automobile, household appliances, transportation and machinery. They should interact and add to one another.

“They should hold permanent exhibitions for displaying their work. I have spoken about this before. A few months ago, I said that the needs of the different industries which have certain problems in their work should be identified and then, they should entrust knowledge-based companies and universities with the task of helping them. Later on, they should display their works in those exhibitions. This happened. Fortunately, this step was taken, but it is not enough. There should be permanent component-building exhibitions in different areas.

“Another task is to transfer the great capability of defence organizations in the area of engineering and technology to non-military organizations. The level of our engineering activities in the defence area is fortunately very high. The tasks that are being accomplished are very important and this is not just related to the present time. It is perhaps 10 or 12 years now that they have been carrying out important tasks in the area of defence industries.

“I might have spoken on this issue before. A few years back I read an article written by an Israeli general when our youth had tested a missile. He wrote: I am on bad terms with Iran. I do not like Iranians, but I bow to this great endeavour. Iran is under severe siege, yet it can produce this masterpiece under such circumstances.”

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution further said: “Of course, after that, many better, more important and more interesting works have been produced. When you see that our ballistic missiles, with a range of two thousand kilometers, can hit the target with an error rate of at most, two, five meters, this is a very great and important phenomenon. Well, this engineering and technological capability can be utilized in the area of other industries such as automobile, oil, aerospace and non-military areas. It is quite possible to do so.

“Another issue is about supporting exports and the active presence of economic activists in the arena of foreign affairs. This was also mentioned by the friends and it is completely correct. We can benefit from our diplomatic capacity. Around us, there are three, four hundred million people in neighbouring countries. We can have good interaction with them. The officials in charge of diplomatic affairs should highlight Iranian brands outside the country.

“Imagine that when you participate in an international meeting, the suit that you are wearing has the brand of an Iranian tailor – for example, a tailor in Semnan has sewn it in a very exquisite manner. When it is worn by our officials, the brand will be promoted. So, they should promote Iranian brands. They should also promote Iranian ideas and concepts, but some people do the opposite. One of my complaints to some of the officials of the country in recent years was that when they speak to Europeans, what they say to them is European! What they say is something that a European thinker had said, for example, a hundred years ago. The idea enters our country and then, officials convey them back to the Europeans.

“Well, such ideas are not of great value to them. We ourselves have new ideas which have not been heard. Therefore, we should convey those ideas. The same is true of Iranian brands which should be promoted. In the case of some products and goods, we must use a barter system.

“As for the policies on Article 44, I wish to stress again that these policies were not about replacing the executive sector with the private sector. Both the private and government sectors have their own separate roles and positions. They should help one another and avoid interfering in one another’s affairs. We said the government sector should not interfere in the affairs of the private sector. What does this mean? It means that the government sector should not get involved in a task that can be carried out by the private sector. Even if it is already involved, it should step aside and let the private sector take over. They should complement one another.

“However, this does not mean that the government sector should completely abandon economic activities as there are certain tasks that cannot be accomplished by anyone but the government or public sector. They should get involved in such affairs and do them, as I mentioned previously.”

Ayatollah Khamenei said: “The private sector and cooperatives should definitely be expanded. In the area of oil and gas, the private sector and cooperatives can have a comprehensive presence. Recently, a law has been ratified which involves downstream oil and gas industries. This law should be implemented. This should be done as soon as possible. They should pursue the matter so that it can be done.

“We should also increase our capacity to produce oil and gas. We should have strategic oil and gas provisions. This is a necessity and I have mentioned it in policies on the economy of resistance.”

“As for the media, I advise them to reflect these achievements. They focus on some of the shortcomings out of sympathy. Very well, it is alright to highlight the shortcomings so that officials can understand where the problems lie, if they watch television. However, they should reflect the achievements as well. They should reflect the very statements that you made tonight and the tasks accomplished in the areas of oil, aquaculture and chemical products so that the people and youth become familiar with our achievements. After that, they should introduce the numerous and various capacities that exist in the country so that talented persons will pursue them in the future. Of course, they should follow up the reasonable demands of economic activists so that executive officials will pay attention.

“Tonight, I learned another fact about the media: foreigners promote their products in the IRIB by giving 30 million dollars. They give money. When they manage to find customers for their products, the price of their products go up. And when the prices go up, domestic producers should pay the same price when they want to promote their products in the IRIB, but they cannot. This is my advice: I am not saying that you should not receive that 30 million dollars. No, you should receive as much as you can, but you should differentiate between them. You should set tariffs in a reasonable way. You should set a certain tariff for foreign producers and a different one for domestic producers. You should not do something to prevent domestic producers from promoting their brands inside the country.”

Towards the end of his speech the Leader of the Islamic Revolution said: “Well, I am finished speaking. Everyone – both our friends and our enemies – should know that we pushed back the enemy in the arena of military war, in the arena of political war and now in the arena of security war. The recent incidents were security plots. They were not hatched by the people, rather they were security measures, but the enemies were pushed back. We have pushed the enemy back in different arenas and by Allah’s favour, we will definitely push him back in the arena of economic war. [Audience chants: “Down with the US!”]

“I hope that Allah the Exalted will increase your achievements, Insha Allah (God Willing). According to the reports that I have received on production and what has been achieved this year, I see a bright future in the area of economic matters. As I mentioned, the key is production and boosting production. By Allah’s favour, this path will become brighter on a daily basis and you friends will make more achievements, Insha Allah.

“Thankfully, I see bright prospects. According to what I see and on the basis of experience and the information that I have, I see very bright prospects.”