Dec 03, 2019 10:09 UTC

Welcome to another episode of our series “Main Revolutionary Ideal: Establishment of New Civilization in 2nd Phase of the Islamic Revolution”.

For your information, one of the pivotal topics in the statement of the Leader of Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, on the second phase of the Islamic Revolution that started last February, is science and research.

The Iranian nation has surmounted numerous hurdles in its march towards the pinnacles of success over the past forty years, achieving astounding progress in numerous arenas, including various scientific fields. The Leader of the Islamic Revolution has put emphasis on continuation of this bright and promising path, while presenting a number of recommendations for the major Jihad in line with further development and progress of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

With its triumph in 1979 under the astute leadership of the Sage of the Age, Imam Khomeini (RA), the Islamic Revolution ended a long period of backwardness of the country during the eras of the Qajarid and Pahlavi dynasties. In other words, Iran experienced a significant growth and progress in the post-Revolution era.

Upon victory of the Islamic Revolution, Global Arrogance led by the US, imposed illegal sanctions on the Iranian nation, including the 8-year war that Saddam of Iraq’s repressive Ba’th minority regime started on the orders of Washington in September 1980 in a futile bid to overthrow the newly founded Islamic Republic system or at least stop Iran's progress and development in various fields.

It was the insight and foresight of the Father of the Islamic Revolution, Imam Khomeini that breathed faith, courage, and self-confidence into the Iranian people, especially the youths, enabling them to believe in their potentials and capacities. Thereafter, the Iranian youths started a Jihadi movement in scientific fields, turning threats and shortcomings into an opportunity for progress and development, thereby achieving significant successes in different branches of science and technology.

Currently, Iran ranks among the topmost countries in a wide variety of scientific fields such as the nuclear fuel cycle, stem cells, Nano-technology, and biotechnology. Iran's superiority in numerous scientific arenas, its glittering performance in the field of medicine, in addition to scores of other examples of progress, are the products of the collective efforts and indomitable spirit of the grand Iranian nation, thanks to the victory of the Islamic Revolution.

The Leader of Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei, in his prudent and insightful recommendations, has put emphasis on continuation of Iran's growth in science and research, as a necessity for maintenance of the national might and dignity.

Iran holds top global rankings in many branches of science. These astonishing accomplishments have been made in the face of the illegal scientific, financial, and economic sanctions imposed on the Iranian nation by the US.

Treatment of many diseases through use of modern sciences; indigenization and production of new and strategic medicines; production of equipment, and implementation of several studies, are part of the achievements of the scientific movement initiated in Islamic Iran following the triumph of the Islamic Revolution.

A glance at the innumerable accomplishments which have been made in the field of medicine, especially over the past six years, shows that Iran has taken a giant leap in this scientific field. In the meantime, publication of scores of articles by Iranian scientists in the prestigious international scientific magazines; the significant growth of Iranian scientific companies; development of Iran's scientific cooperation worldwide; education of highly skilled human resources of Iran with the intention of further advancement in scientific research in the coming years, are part of the Islamic Republic’s major achievements.

The Islamic Revolution after leaving four decades of success behind in the face of the most intensive plots of Global Arrogance, has now entered its second 40-year phase, with promises of further successes.

The Islamic Republic is determined to further advance its scientific growth. This speaks of the dynamism of the Islamic Revolution, and is one of the important recommendations of Ayatollah Khamenei for second 40-year phase of the Islamic Revolution and Iran.