Apr 28, 2016 09:25 UTC

One of the conspicuous features of terrorist groups active in Syria is that they are multinational. Terrorists from 80-90 countries are active in Syria but Daesh is mainly made up of terrorists of Arab countries.

It was said that Daesh and Nusra Front are the main Takfiri terrorist groups in Syria. Syria has turned into the place of activity for these two and scores of other terrorist outfits from scores of countries. Terrorists with European, African, American, Australian, Caucasian and Central Asian nationalities enter Syria to terrorize people and pave the ground for realization of the US-Zionist-Wahhabi conspiracies. 72% of the bulk of Daesh terrorist outfit is made up of Arab nationals. 25% of them are Saudis while others in queue are Tunisian, Moroccan, Egyptian and others. The high profile presence of the Saudis among terrorist groups clearly indicates the role the regime in Riyadh plays in instigating crisis, devastation, war, carnage and chaos in Syria. The number of Saudi terrorists is estimated to be 20-22 thousand. The main violator of human rights, which is utterly alien with the principles of any human rights and democratic principles whatsoever, claims to seek democracy and struggle against dictatorship in Syria. After the advent of the Islamic Wakening in the despotism-stricken Arab countries, the tentacles of the corrupt regime in Riyadh sensed its status seriously imperiled among Arab nations. Hence, Iraq and Syria were chosen as a field for diverting the Islamic Awakening and removing their shock over the people’s role in Arab countries.

Al-Saud in alliance with Turkey and with the Western support chose Syria as the field for advancing their long-term goals and shattering the axis of Resistance against the usurper Zionist regime. Al-Saud has kept age-old resentment and spite against Shias and since the victory of the Islamic revolution in Iran has put Shia-phobia and anti-Shia struggle on top of its agenda. The resounding victories of the Lebanese Hezbollah against the illegitimate Zionist state of Israel more than ever infuriated the Wahhabi rulers of Arabia. Thus, they left no stone unturned to deal blows to the Resistance. Meanwhile, the support of Syria for the Resistance shouldn’t be ignored. In view of this, they found Syria fit for destroying the Resistance. They imagined that they could overthrow Bashar Assad in three months and will reach their goals in Syria and the region. Therefore, the influx of terrorists poured into Syria from Saudi Arabia and some other Arab countries. But, contrary to the wish of the main terrorist-breeding state in Riyadh and its Western and Zionist masters, God’s will turned to be something else as the friends of Syria rushed to its help and didn’t let the dream of the sponsors of state-terrorism come true.

Thus, the more the Takfiri terrorists faced with the bulwark of Resistance in Syria the more heinous their crimes became; in a bid to shake the resistance and steadfastness of the Syrian people. As a result, Daesh, al-Nusra and other terrorist groups formed recruiting centers in different countries under the Saudi support. The noteworthy point is that these groups have succeeded in recruiting thousands of terrorists in Europe. Currently there are nationals from France, Belgium, Britain, Germany and other European countries in Syria.

It is quite clear that the Saudi regime pursues certain goals in the region within the framework of fighting against peace-loving and justice-seeking Islam. Anybody with a shred of reasoning understands that the al-Saud minority regime is the vassal state of the child-killer Zionist regime and serving the sinister goals of its masters in Tel Aviv and Washington.

However, the governments, which have supported Takfiri terrorists in Syria for the past five years, are dearly smarting for their irrational support as these terrorists are no more a threat for only the life and security of the Syrian people but they are a global threat. The blasts in Baghdad, Ankara, Istanbul, Paris and Brussels showed that terrorism knows no borders; a fact that the Westerners and their regional accomplices have not taken serious. Terrorism cannot be uprooted by formation of showy coalitions and flying of a few fighters. The basic solution to this destructive phenomenon is to recognize the sources of promotion of terrorism and obliterating them. Since the onset it has been obvious that the Wahhabi ideology ruling over Saudi Arabia is the main breeder, supporter and financier of terrorists in the region. This has even been revealed by the Western circles and media. But they have not changed their relations with the terrorist-breeding regime in Riyadh. On the contrary, the Western arms are exorbitantly sold to the Saudis and logistic support is granted to them. But this cannot continue forever. Today, everybody knows that the Wahhabis are the perpetrators of terrorist policies in the region. So, the Western states can no more keep silent against the Saudi crimes and they have to revise their ties with the regime.