Jun 04, 2019 08:14 UTC

Welcome to this week's episode of the series "In the Path of the Imam". Today, we elaborate upon the views of the Founder of Islamic Republic of Iran, late Imam Khomeini (God's mercy upon him) on the strategy of patience and resistance, as a strategy for countering the economic siege of the country and as a means for materialization of development and progress.

In the past two weeks, we spoke of the standpoints of the Father of Islamic Revolution, late Imam Khomeini, on the principles and parameters of Islamic economy, while also reminding that in the view of late Imam, establishment and maintenance of social justice, and removal of poverty and deprivation from the community is the ultimate goal of the sacred Islamic system in the economic domain. Late Imam also pointed out that in order to fulfill this goal, the two principles of formation of just and independent relations with other countries, and removal of poverty from the disadvantaged regions should be taken into consideration. It was also noted that in late Imam's standpoint, paving the ground for large-scale participation of people in national economy is a must for materialization of these two aims. Hence, late Imam always called on the government to support volunteer and popular organizations such as Construction Jihad Organization, which was founded by revolutionary youths with the intention of removal or alleviation of poverty from the disadvantaged regions. Today, we will discuss other aspects of late Imam's views on Islamic economy.

One of the important points which is learned from the history of Iran, and the history of many oppressed and downtrodden nations is that whenever a nation stages an uprising for attainment or maintenance of its political and economic independence, trying to sever its dependence on Global Arrogance, it faces the harsh reaction of arrogant regimes. Placement of economic siege and sanctions is one of the leverages and policies which bullying and domineering regimes have made use of, in confrontation with nations who seek to gain political and economic independence. For instance, throughout Iran oil industry nationalization movement, the two colonialist regimes of US and Britain, with the collaboration of Shah's despotic regime, used all available leverages to defeat this movement, such as imposing economic sanctions, and toppling the legal government of Dr. Mohammad Mosaddeq, via staging a coup.

In the post-revolution era, Iran has always been pressed by Global Arrogance, and has experienced economic sanctions. Late Imam pointed out that patience, perseverance, and endurance of hardship by the Iranian government and nation for the sake of protection and safeguard of the achievements of Islamic Revolution, and materialization of revolutionary goals and ideals, is necessary.

Late Imam considered revolutionary patience necessary for solving economic problems, and for overcoming the economic pressures imposed by bullying powers on the Iranian nation and government. Late Imam called on Iranian people, from all walks of life, not to show any sign of weakness in the face of problems.

Late Imam pointed out that Western regimes, led by the US, have staged an economic siege on Iran because the Iranian nation has made utmost efforts to maintain its independence and has refused to depend on bullying and domineering regimes. In further remarks, late Imam noted that domineering regimes' usage of the leverage of economic siege against the Iranian nation has utterly failed.

Late Imam underscored that the Western regimes have hatched conspiracies against Islamic Republic of Iran, and have imposed an economic siege on the country in a futile bid to somehow show the inefficiency of the sacred religion of Islam in administration of the community.

Late Imam named economic siege as one of the hostile means of the enemies of the Iranian nation and sacred Islamic establishment for somehow undermining the sacred Islamic system, spreading discontent, rebellion, and protests across Iran; but such despicable acts will ultimately result in favor of the Iranian nation and will reinforce the stability and self-sufficiency of Islamic Iran.

Late Imam pointed out that economic siege of Islamic Iran, is a factor which contributes to reinforcement of the Iranian nation's self-confidence, making it possible for the Iranian people to stand on their feet. Late Imam strongly believed that the economic siege of the country paves the way for the inventions and innovations of revolutionary youths.

The Father of Islamic Revolution, late Imam, underlined that maintenance of security and stability is necessary for the growth and development, while calling on the Iranian people, from all walks of life, to protect the national security and stability, enabling the Iranian government to fulfill its goals in national growth and development.

Thanks for tuning in today. We will continue to discuss other aspects of the views of the Founder of Islamic Republic of Iran, late Imam Khomeini (God's mercy upon him) about Islamic economy, next week.