Aug 02, 2019 08:36 UTC

Welcome to our weekly programme "Path towards Enlightenment" in which we present you a fluent and easy-to-understand explanation of the ayahs of the holy Quran. We start from where we left you last Friday and here is ayah 68 of Surah Zumar:

 “And the Trumpet will be blown, and whoever is in the heavens will swoon and whoever is on the earth, except whomever Allah wishes; then it will be blown a second time, behold, they will rise up, looking on!”

Last week we said God the Creator has the power to restore to life in their original shape all beings after they had died and their corpses decayed into powdered bones, which means the Day of Resurrection is the manifestation of Divine Power and realization by the unbelievers of the truth which they had scorned to their own detriment and which will not avail them on Judgement Day. On that day, the scrolls of deeds will be brought forward and given to all, with the righteous receiving in their right hand, and the wrongdoers in their left hand. No one will be wronged, even the least, by the All-Merciful Lord.

The ayah that we recited to you now says all will die upon the blowing of the Trumpet. In other words, God Almighty wields absolute sway over the world of existence and when all die, He keeps alive those whom He wills. According to narrations the Archangel Gabriel, along with the Angel Michael and Israfeel the Angel of Death, as well as certain martyrs, shall stay alive. Thus all animate beings immediately die at the end of the world and following an interlude, the Trumpet will be blown a second time and all human beings shall be suddenly raised and await Reckoning upon Resurrection.

These are indeed delicate expressions concerning the manner of the end of the world and the beginning of Resurrection.

From this ayah we learn:

  1. Life is not without purpose, and since it has a beginning and an end, Resurrection by the Source of Life, that is, God the Almighty Creator, is inevitable for the Final Judgement so that the virtuous are rewarded, and after much mercy has been shown to the sinners by the All-Forgiving Lord, the unbelievers and the most wicked are punished.
  2. The sound of the Trumpet will be so deafening that all will perish, while the second blowing of the Trumpet will be of a different nature and will be raised back to life, and all will realize the Power of God.

And now listen to or read ayah 69 of Surah Zumar:

“And the earth will glow with the light of its Lord, and the Book (the record of people’s deeds) will be set up, and the prophets and the martyrs will be brought (as witnesses), and judgment will be made between them with justice, and they will not be wronged.”

The Arabic phrase bi-noor-e Rabbih”, that is, “with the Light of its Lord” means this could either be the Light of Truth and Justice with which God Almighty illuminates the earth that Day, or a Light more powerful than that of the sun to be Divinely created on that Day.

In his encyclopedic work “Behar al-Anwaar”, Allama Mohammad Baqer Majlisi says: “The earth shall be illuminated with Divine Justice on the Day of Resurrection, since Justice is the Light of the earth.”

The late contemporary exegete of the holy Qur’an, Allama Seyyed Mohammad Hussain Tabatabaie, in his monumental work “al-Mizan”, says:

“Illumination of the earth by Divine Light is regarded as one of the characteristics of the Day of Resurrection which is uncovering veils and manifestation of the truth behind things and human deeds including good, evil, obedience, disobedience, truth, and falsehood.”

The ayah then refers to the record of deeds, saying that on that Day, whatever a person had done during mortal life, however insignificant, whether good or bad, will be presented in the form of scroll for the final judgement, with the virtuous receiving in their right hands and the vicious in their left hands, while Prophets and the Prime Martyrs will stand as witnesses in the Divine Court. It is true that God is Omniscient, but the testimony of witnesses shall be required for laying emphasis on Divine Justice. The prime witnesses will be the Prophet of Islam and the Infallible Imams of his progeny.

The ayah ends with the phrase judgment will be made between them with justice, and they will not be wronged.”

It is evident that when God Almighty wields sway, the earth is illuminated by the Light of His Justice to precisely reflect the deeds of mankind which will not be hidden anymore, and the Judgement shall be based on Truth and Justice without any person being wronged the least.

From this ayah we learn that:

  1. Divine Light will so brightly illuminate the scene on the Day of Resurrection that everything, including whatever good or bad human beings had done during mortal life, will become fully manifest.
  2. The Prophets and the Most Prominent Martyrs will serve as witnesses, to remind people that they had not spared anything, even their life, to guide them towards truth and to prevent them from the temptations of the Satan, but the intransigent sinners and the unbelievers refused to listen to them.
  3. God the All-Merciful decides on the basis of justice and truth, without anyone being the wronged the least.

And here is ayah 70 of the same Surah:

“Every soul will be recompensed fully for what it has done, and He is best aware of what they do.”

This ayah means to say the Divine Decisions, whether rewards for the righteous and punishment for the perfidious, shall be fully recompensed for each and every person. In other words, it is the deeds that we had done which take the form of reward or punishment on that Day. Except for God, the Almighty Creator, no one can administer justice so precisely, since the Lord Most High is fully aware of what we do, whether openly or secretly. There is even no need for witnesses, since His Omniscience far exceeds all witnesses, yet Divine Favour and Justice require the presence of witnesses.

From this ayah we learn:

  1. Deeds, whether good or bad, manifest themselves on the Day of Resurrection.
  2. It is the Day for which we have to prepare ourselves.
  3. God the Omnipresent and All-Observant, is fully aware of whatever we do, whether openly or secretly, and even thoughts that flash across minds.