Sep 24, 2019 09:37 UTC

Welcome to this episode of the series "In the Path of the Imam". In this episode, we elaborate on the grandeur and dignity of the Founder of Islamic Republic of Iran, late Imam Khomeini (God's mercy upon him) in his personal and social behavior.

In the last episode, we spoke of the courage and bravery of the Father of Islamic Revolution, while also mentioning that due to late Imam's strong faith in his political and social campaign, he was never scared of any individual or official and remained patient in the face of problems and adversities. Hence, he crushed one of the most powerful dictatorial regimes in the world and guided and led the Islamic Revolution to success. Late Imam's courage was due to his grandeur and dignity. Today, we intend to elaborate on these characteristic traits of late Imam upon reference to the memoirs of his associates and historical reports.

Late Imam maintained his rigidity and dignity in regard to personal, social, and political topics of importance and was resolved and determined in his standpoints and behavior. The grandeur and dignity of late Imam was well known and everyone felt a sense of calm and peace of mind, in their encounters with late Imam. He maintained his grandeur and dignity toward those who acted stubbornly toward him. This characteristic trait was institutionalized in late Imam as of an early age.

The grandeur and dignity of late Imam was to an extent that many individuals did not maintain the strength to look into late Imam's eyes.

Mr. Sadeq Khalkhali has cited an interesting memory from late Imam which mentions that late Imam met Shah twice as the representative of Ayatollah Boroujerdi prior to the beginning of his political struggles. In these meetings, Shah was hugely influenced by the grandeur and dignity of late Imam.

According to Sadeq Khalkhali, in the year 1955, the Islamic group Fadaaiyaan Islam shot the then premier; and the then minister of interior, Asadollah Alam, ordered their detention. Rumors were spread that the former dictatorial regime's agents were intent on hanging these Islamic Jihadists. Some called on the then Source of Emulation, Ayatollah Boroujerdi, to do something in order to save these Islamic Jihadists. Late Imam wrote a letter to Shah. Previously, upon the call of Ayatollah Boroujerdi, late Imam met Shah twice. After one of these meetings, late Imam said that Shah was not in control of his remarks and was clearly shaken in his meeting with him.

The grandeur and dignity of late Imam was to an extent that whoever had a negative mindset toward him, changed his mind and was strongly influenced by him in their first encounter.

Calm and tranquility of late Imam left a huge influence on the minds and views of others. Meanwhile, in the history of his personal and political life, many instances have been registered where some were influenced by his tone and hidden energy without even understanding his remarks. One of the close associates of late Imam has spoken of the spiritual relationship between late Imam and French students, during late Imam's stay in France, while they did not even understand late Imam's language and remarks in Farsi language. These French students pointed out that although they could not understand the remarks of late Imam in Farsi language, they came to visit late Imam because they felt spiritual in these meetings.