Oct 08, 2019 11:32 UTC

Welcome to this week's episode of the series "In the Path of the Imam". In this episode, we elaborate upon the tranquility and peace of mind of the Father of Islamic Revolution, late Imam Khomeini (God's mercy upon him) in his personal and social conduct.

Late Imam always remained clam in the face of difficulties and hardships which was rooted in his strong faith in God and his profound religious beliefs.

Calmness and peace of mind is coupled with stability, and is in contrast with anxiety. Naturally, individuals face a number of problems and difficulties throughout their lives. Hence, many psychologists and counselors consider one of their goals as assisting individuals to overcome their anxiety and to attain calmness and peace of mind. Based on the teachings of all divine religions, especially the sacred religion of Islam, faith in God Almighty leads to peace of mind, and removes any trace of anxiety from the hearts and minds of individuals, thereby granting a sense of immunity to them in the face of difficulties and adversities. On the basis of this approach, a faithful individual, who strongly believes in God, never experiences fear or sadness, given that based on the ayahs of Holy Quran, God protects and takes care of the faithful; guiding them out of darkness and toward the righteous path.

Late Imam never sensed anxiety due to his strong religious beliefs and his faith in God. The Father of Islamic Revolution never felt any trace of anxiety in the midst of his campaign against the former despotic Pahlavi regime, and throughout the difficult circumstances of the Iraqi imposed war, given that he maintained a strong faith in God, and strongly believed in the divine and righteous path that he had chosen.

One of the followers and associates of late Imam, Dr. Mahmoud Boroujerdi recalls one of his memories which attests to late Imam's peace of mind and tranquility, pointing out that after the former despotic regime's agents and mercenaries, in a blatant measure, attacked clerics and scholars at Qom Seminary, and the possibility of detention of late Imam arose, late Imam did not change his place of residence and remained at his home. Meanwhile, many of late Imam's supporters and allies called on late Imam to change his place of residence at least for a day. However, late Imam did not accept to do so.

Late Imam maintained his peace of mind and patience even in the most difficult and emotional circumstances. Losing one's child is one of the most difficult incidents that can take place for parents. Under such circumstances, any given parent loses his calm and may burst into tears. Late Imam, upon reliance on his strong faith in God, remained patient in the face of worldly hardships, especially in the face of losing his beloved children.

One of the close allies and associates of late Imam, Hojjatoleslam Rahimian, notes that around 25 years ago, late Imam's daughter had drowned. Meanwhile, one of late Imam's close allies was nearby, and witnesses late Imam praying next to his drowned daughter. Late Imam's close ally notes that there was no trace of anxiety in late Imam's face, although late Imam maintained a very strong emotional bond with his beloved daughter. After a few moments, late Imam noted that God Almighty granted his daughter to him and has now taken away his daughter from him. Upon making these remarks, late Imam resumed his divine prayers.

Late Imam's reaction to the demise of one of his other beloved children, Haaj Aqa Mostafa, once again showed late Imam's peace of mind. Upon hearing about the martyrdom of Haaj Aqa Mostafa, late Imam tried to maintain his clam upon reciting ayahs of Holy Quran, given that remembrance of God and recitation of ayahs of Holy Quran leads to the spiritual tranquility and peace of mind of the faithful, similar to the tranquility and peace of mind which the Prophet of Islam felt upon the revelation of ayahs of Holy Quran to him.

Late imam never lost his peace of mind at the peak of his political campaign and was even forgiving and kind to Shah regime's agents who had felt anxious upon arresting late Imam.

Throughout the final days of the Islamic Revolution, when the former Iranian dictator shah had fled the country and late Imam was returning to Iran, revolutionaries were gladdened by the victory of Islamic Revolution, while being concurrently concerned over the safety of late Imam. The peak of this excitement, happiness, and concern was evident in the plane which was carrying late Imam from Paris to Tehran. There were fears that the agents of the former dictatorial regime would down the plane which was carrying late Imam and his associates back to Iran. However, late Imam remained calm throughout the entire journey.

Late Imam's peace of mind in the midst of political and social incidents, and in the face of hardships and difficulties, such as the martyrdom of his children and a large number of courageous Iranian youths, manifest late Imam's strong faith in God Almighty.