Oct 22, 2019 20:17 UTC

Welcome to this week's episode of the series "In the Path of the Imam". As a reminder, last week we spoke of the kindness of the Father of Islamic Revolution, late Imam Khomeini (God's mercy upon him), and pointed out that late Imam was very kind towards the members of his family, his neighbors, and ordinary people.

Late Imam also treated animals with kindness. Meanwhile, given the importance of the status of family and family members in the religious and national culture of Iranians; today we make you more familiar with the personal conduct, and behavior of the Founder of Islamic Republic of Iran with his family.

Late Imam highly respected and honored his venerable wife. Late Imam's daughter-in-law, Mrs. Fatimah Tabatabai, notes that late Imam maintained a very strong emotional bond with his wife.

According to late Imam's granddaughter, Mrs. Zahra Eshraqi, late Imam highly honored and respected his wife because of her selflessness and devotion. Late Imam's venerable wife endured the warm climate of the holy city of Najaf for 15 years and accompanied late Imam wherever he went. This is while late Imam's venerable wife was in welfare in her paternal home. Late Imam, in response to our questions on how to make our spouses uniquely respect and honor us, told us that if we maintain selflessness and devotion to our husbands to the same extent as his venerable wife, a unique emotional bond will be formed between us and our husbands.

Late Imam highly honored his elder brother Ayatollah Pasandideh. Late Imam also called on his family members to respect his elder brother.

Hojjatoleslam Rahimian has also spoken of late Imam's honor and respect for his elder brother. Late Imam had highly amicable meetings with his elder brother, within which late Imam sought to find out about the well-being of his brother and to solve any possible difficulty that he faced.

Late Imam in his interactions with family members, refrained from ordering his family and granted his family members maximum freedom as long as they fulfilled their Islamic duties and obligations.

Late Imam's venerable son, Haaj Ahmad Aqa, notes: Late Imam granted his children freedom in their deeds. For instance, Haaj Ahmad Aqa was highly interested in football and broke his hand a number of times while playing this sport. As long as late Imam's family members fulfilled their religious obligations, he did not intervene in their deeds.

Late Imam encouraged his family members, especially youths and teenagers, to learn religious teachings and to fulfill their religious tasks. Late Imam's venerable daughter, Mrs. Farideh Mostafavi, notes that late Imam was very kind with children at home, and 'our house was filled with kindness and amity. Late Imam always called on us to obey divine instructions in order to avoid sins. Given that we observed late Imam's commitment to his religious tasks, we were automatically encouraged to fulfill our Islamic duties.'

Late Imam was also very forgiving toward his family members and relatives in his interactions with them. Late Imam's venerable daughter, Mrs. Zahra Mostafavi, notes: There were those who disrespected late Imam, however, he never got angry. For instance, one day, 'we were eating dinner, while one of our relatives lost his temper and disrespected late Imam. However, late Imam remained calm and patient, and did not show any sign of anger.'

Mrs. Farideh Mostafavi notes that late Imam called on, and encouraged his family members to be forgiving toward others.

Mrs. Zahra Mostafavi also reminded that late Imam was fair and just in treatment of his family members, and did not show any sign of injustice toward them.