Jul 24, 2020 07:15 UTC

If you remember, we discussed Iran’s tough conditions of during the last months of the war and the reasons for accepting UN Security Council Resolution 598 by Imam Khomeini. Today we are going to further elaborate on the issue.

The Iraqi dictator, Saddam, invaded Iran in 1980 at the behest of his masters in the both blocs of power, especially those in Washington. Saddam’s army enjoyed the Eastern and Western support from day one of the invasion to the land of the Islamic Republic of Iran. This support continued till the end of the war, especially by the US regime. The United States even increased its all-out support for Saddam in the waning months of the imposed war. The American criminal forces directly entered the scene of war to support Saddam’s army. They attacked IRGC speed boats, Iran’s oil rigs and tankers. The US terrorist navy even targeted Iran’s passenger Airbus and downed it over the waters of the Persian Gulf resulting in the martyrdom of 290 passengers and crew.

Moreover, the United States made every effort to keep the oil price at the global market in a bid to squeeze Iran’s economy. In view of this, it was practically impossible for Iran to continue the war. The economic, political and military circumstances convinced the Iranian officials to accept the UNSC Resolution 598 for ceasefire. Of course, it was Imam Khomeini who should decide on the issue as the Commander-in-Chief of Armed Forces and Leader of the Islamic Revolution. After several sessions with the officials and commanders with the Imam, he was convinced to accept the resolution, although he himself was never ready to conclude a peace truce with the sworn enemies of Islam, particularly the Great Satan (the US).

Imam Khomeini wrote a letter in the last days of the war in which he mentions the reasons for accepting the UNSC Resolution 598. Part of his letter reads:

“In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful,

With the help of Almighty God and with greetings and blessings to the great Divine Messengers and the Infallible Imams, now that our military officials, including the Army and the IRGC who are experts of war, clearly admit that the Army of Islam will not gain any victory in a short time, and considering that the considerate military and political officials of the Islamic Republic system do not evaluate the war any more to the benefit of the country and decisively announce that even one tenth of the arms that the Eastern and Western Arrogance deliver to Saddam cannot be bought in the world by any means, and with respect to the shocking letter of the IRGC Commander, which is one of the scores of military- political reports that I have received after the recent setbacks, and, according to the acknowledgement of the Second in Command of Armed Forces that the IRGC Commander is one of the few commanders who believes in continuation of war provided that the war necessities are maintained, and with regards to the enemy’s extensive usage of chemical weapons and lack of the tools to foil it, I agree with the ceasefire.”

As it is clear, Imam Khomeini refers to then IRGC Commander, Major General Mohsen Rezaei’s letter for acceptance of the resolution.

Rezaei had written in the letter that Ian would not gain any victory for 5 years. He had made it clear that, “If we had the means that we can gain during 5 years, and had the power of destructive operation or reciprocation or after the end of March 92 if we had 350 infantry brigades, 2500 tanks, 3000 cannons, 300 warplanes, 300 helicopters and … which are the requirements of war at that time, we can say that we would have offensive power with hope in God.”

Imam Khomeini, referring to Mohsen Rezaei’s letter, wrote to the officials of the country, “He says it should be mentioned that the IRGC’s force should increase sevenfold and the Army’s force should increase 2.5 fold. He continues that we must expel the US from the Persian Gulf, too; otherwise we won’t be successful. This commander says that the most important part of his plan is the timely preparation of the budget and facilities and reiterates that it is unlikely that the government and the Armed Forces Headquarters will be able to live up to their commitments….”

Imam Khomeini also pointed to the remarks of then premier, saying, “The Prime Minister, quoting from the ministers of economy and [officials] of budget, has announced the country’s financial situation below zero. The officials of war say that, just the weapons that we have lost in the recent setbacks were equal to the whole budget that had been allocated for the IRGC and the Army in the current year. You, my dears, know better than everyone else that this decision is like a fatal poison for me. But I am pleased with Almighty God’s pleasure and, for safeguarding His religion and protecting the Islamic Republic, I spend my reputation, if I have any.”

Dear listeners, it was clear for all that whatever Imam Khomeini did and said, he only wanted to satisfy God and not any individual or group. He would do his divine duty without fearing anyone.

Imam Khomeini finally accepted the UN Security Council Resolution 598 for ceasefire between Iran and Iraq. In his letter concerning this event, he wrote, “O God! We staged uprising for Your religion and fought for Your religion, and we accept ceasefire to protect Your religion. O God! You are Witness that we are not in compromise with America, the Soviet Union and all the world powers, and we consider compromise with superpowers and powers as turning our back to our Islamic principles. O God! We are lonely in the world of polytheism, unfaith and hypocrisy, and in the world of money, power, trick and turncoats. You help us! O God! Throughout history, whenever the Prophets, the Saints and ulema decided to be the reformers of society and mix knowledge with practice and build up a society far from corruption and decadence, they faced with the opposition of lots of Abu Jahl and Abu Sufyan in their times. O God! We sacrificed the children of Islam and our revolution for Your pleasure. We don’t have anyone except You. Help us for implementing Your commands and rules. O God! I ask You to grant me martyrdom so soon.”

Thus, the Islamic Republic of Iran officially accepted UNSCR 598 on July 18, 1988 as it sent a letter to then UN Secretary General Javier Perez de Cuellar.