Jun 22, 2021 08:11 UTC

We are going to continue discussing Imam Khomeini’s testament where he explains the two Weighty Things, namely the noble Qur’an and the Ahl al-Bayt or the Infallible Progeny of the Prophet of Islam. Imam Khomeini addresses the honours of the Iranian nation as they have returned to these two invaluable legacies of Prophet Mohammad (SAWA).

Imam Khomeini, in his testament, says that the Iranian nation is proud of taking the Qur’an out from graveyards and returning it to its real status; that is, guiding mankind and struggling against oppression and injustice. He writes, “We are boastful and the nation which is totally committed Islam and the Qur’an is boastful of following the religion that seeks to save the realities Qur’an, which all calls for unity among Muslims, from graveyards and, as the greatest recipe, rescue mankind from all chains that have been tied on their hands and feet leading them to destruction and slavery and servitude of rebels.”

The Imam continues, “We are boastful of following the religion whose founder was the Messenger of God with God Almighty’s order and the Commander of the Faithful Ali ibn Abi Taleb, this servant who is freed of all chains, has been assigned to salvage mankind from all chains and slaveries. We are boastful that the book of Nahj-ul-Balagha, which is the greatest instruction of material and spiritual life and the most prominent book for salvation of mankind and its spiritual and state orders are the highest way of salvation, is from our Infallible Imam.”

Imam Khomeini continues in his testament, “We are boastful that the Infallible Imams from Imam Ali ibn Abi Taleb to Imam Mahdi, who is alive and witnessing the affairs with God’s power, are our Imams. We are boastful that the life-inspiring prayers, which are called as ‘ascending Qur’an’, are from our Imams. The Sha’banieh supplication, Imam Hussein’s Arafat prayer, Sahifah Sajjadiah and Sahifa Fatemiah, which is the book inspired by God to Fatima Zahra, all belong to us. We are boastful that Baqer-ul-Olum, the highest personality in history and no one except God, the Prophet and the Infallible Imams, has realized his status and cannot realize, belongs to us. We are boastful that our denomination is Ja’afari and our jurisprudence, which is a boundless sea, is one of his works. And we are boastful of all Infallible Imams and are committed to following them. We are boastful that our Infallible Imams had been in prison and exile for sublimity of Islam and materializing the noble Qur’an, which the rule of justice is one of its dimensions; and finally were martyred in the way of overthrowing the oppressive rule and the rebel of their era.”

Imam Khomeini continues in his testament, “Today, we are boastful that we want to materialize the objectives of the Qur’an and the Sunnah (Prophet’s practice); and different strata of the nation are ardently striving in this great and fateful way and sacrifice their property and life in the way of God. We are boastful that women, young and old, are present in cultural, economic and military arenas and are active alongside men or better than them in uplifting Islam and the objectives of the noble Qur’an; and have bravely and devotedly relieved themselves of the deprivations that had been imposed through the plots of enemies and unfamiliarity of friends with the rules of Islam and the Qur’an. We have seen several times that the noble women, who have lost their children and have spent whatever they have in the way of Almighty God and dear Islam, like Zeinab loudly boast of this; and they know that what they have gained is superior to paradise let alone the trivial enjoyment of the world.”

Imam Khomeini says in his testament, “Our nation, and rather the Islamic nations and the oppressed in the world, are boastful of the fact that their enemies, who are the enemies of Great God and noble Qur’an and dear Islam, are the fierce beasts which do not avoid any crime to attain their sinister goals and they do not distinguish between friend and enemy to achieve supremacy and their base purposes. And their ringleader is the US, this inherent state terrorist, which has set fire all over the world and its ally is the global Zionism which, to achieve their goals, commit every crime that pens are ashamed of writing and tongues are ashamed of speaking of. And the idiotic fancy of “Greater Israel” drags them toward every crime. And we are boastful that our enemy is Saddam whom friends and enemies know for criminality and breaching of international rights and human rights; and everyone knows that his betrayal of the oppressed Iraqi nation and the Persian Gulf Sheikhdoms is not less than betrayal of the Iranian nation.”

Imam Khomeini says in the final part of the prelude of his testament, “I recommend the noble oppressed nations and the dear Iranian nation to be firmly and perseveringly committed to this straight divine way which is dependent neither on the pagan East nor the oppressive West, and rather sticks to the way that God has designated for them; and do not neglect a single moment for gratitude toward this blessing; and that the nasty hands of the domestic mercenaries and external superpowers may not infiltrate their iron will; and they [the oppressed nations] should know that whatever mass media of the world and the satanic powers of the West and the East rant is because of their divine power and Great God will punish them both in this world and other worlds.”