Jun 29, 2021 08:09 UTC

We are going to continue discussing Imam Khomeini’s testament where he explains the two Weighty Things, namely the noble Qur’an and the Ahl al-Bayt or the Infallible Progeny of the Prophet of Islam. Imam Khomeini explains the great achievements of the Islamic Revolution and warns against the threats ahead of this revolution and the oppressed nations.

Imam Khomeini (God’s mercy upon him) believed that the traditional jurisprudence is the explicator of the school of the Prophet and his Infallible Successors and calls on the Iranian nation to stick to this school firmly. He writes in his testament, “I ask Muslim nations seriously and urgently to follow the Infallible Imams and the political, social, economic and military culture of these great guides of mankind properly and wholeheartedly through sacrificing their souls and dear ones; so that they do not become deviated from the traditional jurisprudence which is the school of prophethood and Imamate and guarantees the growth and grandeur of nations; and do not listen to the temptation of adversary enticers and enemies of truth and religion; and they should know that a single deviated step will be the prelude for collapse of religion, Islamic laws and the divine rule of justice.”

Imam Khomeini attached high importance to congregational prayers, especially Friday prayers and mourning ceremonies of the Infallible Imams, particularly Imam Hussein (Peace upon him). He writes, “Never neglect Friday prayer and congregational prayer which indicate the political aspect of prayer. This Friday prayer is among the greatest graces of Almighty God to the Islamic Republic of Iran. And [people] should never neglect the mourning ceremonies of the Infallible Imams, especially the Lord of the Oppressed and Master of Martyrs Abā Abdillah Hussein (AS); and they should know that it is the order of the Imams (Peace upon them) to revere this historical epic of Islam and whatever curse is uttered against the oppressors of Ahl al-Bayt are all heroic cries of nations against the oppressive leaders throughout history; and it is necessary to loudly and effectively remind, in the elegies and panegyrics of the rightful Imams, the catastrophes and oppressions of every era and place.”

Imam Khomeini emphasizes that his testament is not limited to the Iranian nation and that he has in fact addressed the entire Islamic world and the whole oppressed and downtrodden in the world. He writes, “We know that the Islamic Revolution, which cut the hand of the world-devourers and oppressors from Iran, has triumphed with the unseen divine assistance. Had there not been the able hand of the One God, it would have been impossible for a 36 million population [to triumph] against such an anti-Islamic and anti-clergy propaganda, particularly during the recent one hundred years and such excessive seditionist acts of the writers on media and speeches and anti-Islamic and anti-national circles and so many centers of debauchery, gambling, drinks and narcotics in order to draw the young generation to corruption and indifference and efforts to seclude and isolate the clergy and also divert many of them. It was impossible for this nation to rise up unanimously in such condition with a unified idea and the shouts of Allah-u Akbar across the country to dismantle the internal and external powers with astonishing and miraculous sacrifices to hold the authority of the country. Thus, there is no doubt that the Islamic Revolution of Iran is different from all revolutions both in the emergence and quality of struggle and also the motive of revolution and uprising. No doubt, this divine present and unseen gift has been granted by the Merciful God to this oppressed and looted nation.”

Imam Khomeini continues in his testament, “Islam and the Islamic government is a divine phenomenon which, if it is put into practice, will secure in the best way the prosperity of our children in this world and the Hereafter and is able to efface oppressions, lootings, corruptions and aggressions with red pen (blood) and take humans to their desirable ideal. Islam is the school which, unlike non-monotheistic schools, plays a role and interferes in and supervises all individual, social, material, spiritual, cultural, political, military and economic affairs and does not neglect even the most trivial points in the education of human being and the society and the material and spiritual progress. Now that, with the help and grace of God the Islamic Republic has been established by the able hand of the devoted nation, it is necessary for the nation to try to materialize and safeguard its whole content as the preservation of Islam is on top of all obligations. Today, it is an obligation especially for the Iranian nation and the entire Muslims in general to preserve this divine trust with all their effort and try to create the requirements of its survival and remove the barriers and problems.”

Imam Khomeini points to the element of safeguarding the victory, saying, “Undoubtedly, the element of the survival of the Islamic Revolution is the very element of victory and the nation knows the element of victory. And the future generations will read in history that its two pillars have been the divine motive and the lofty purpose of Islamic rule; and that the convergence of the nation all over the country with one motto has been for this very motive and purpose. I recommend to all present and future generations that if they want Islam and the rule of God to survive powerfully and cut the hand of the internal and external colonialists and exploiters from your country, you should not lose this divine motive that Almighty God has recommended in the noble Qur’an; and you should know that, opposite of this motive which is the element of victory and its survival, is forgetting the goal and discord and difference. It is not accidental that the propaganda horns across the world have focused all their efforts on rumours and seditionist lies and spend billions of dollars on it. And the constant trips of the opponents of the Islamic Republic to the region are not without motive.”