Jul 13, 2021 07:54 UTC

We are going to continue discussing Imam Khomeini’s testament. As a reminder, we said that Imam Khomeini considered the Islamic Revolution separate from other revolutions in that it has a divine motive and pursues lofty goals of Islam through the unity of people. The Father of the Islamic Revolution kept emphasizing that safeguarding the revolution and the Islamic Republic system is the greatest obligatory act.

In this episode, we are going to touch upon his concern about the enemies’ conspiracies to disappoint people from Islam and undermine their unity.

Imam Khomeini used to say that among the conspiracies of the enemies is to demonstrate Islam as inefficient to adapt itself with the modern world and to tackle the problems of the contemporary man. He used to warn masses and scholars that two groups are trying to depict Islam unable to solve the social and political problems. The first group ignorantly considers Islam far from the social and political arenas of human life and the second group wickedly denies the political identity of this religion. The Imam writes in his testament, “One of the important plots, which can be seen, especially during the contemporary decades and particularly after the victory of the Islamic Revolution, is the widespread propaganda with different dimensions to disappoint nations, especially the selfless Iranian nation, from Islam. Sometimes, [they say] ineptly and expressly that the laws of Islam that have been passed 1400 years ago cannot administer countries in modern era; or that Islam is a reactionary religion and opposed to any innovation and manifestations of civilization; and that in the modern era you cannot keep countries away from global civilization and its manifestations. Suchlike foolish and occasionally sly and devilish propagandas [are forged] in the form of advocacy of Islam by raising issues like saying that Islam and other divine religions are engaged in spirituality, worships and prayers and government and politics are against their spiritual aim and purpose; and sadly, this second type of propaganda (separation of religion from politics) has affected some ulema and religious people who are unaware of Islam to the extent that they even consider interference in government and politics as sin and transgression. This is a great catastrophe that Islam has been suffering from.”

Imam Khomeini (God’s mercy upon him) makes it clear that the individual and social laws of Islam do not become outdated through the lapse of time. He reiterates that this claim is like saying that the mathematical principles and laws are exposed to the lapse of time. He writes in his testament, “As for the first group, it should be said that they are either unaware of government, law and politics or they partially feign being unaware because execution of laws on the basis of justice and prevention of injustice and oppressive rule; and spread of individual and social justice; and prohibition of corruption, indecency and various kinds of waywardness; and freedom based on the criterion of intellect, justice and independence; and prevention of colonialism, exploitation and worship [of others instead of God]; and implementation of divine fixed rules, retaliation and specified rules on the basis of justice and fairness; and hundreds of the like are not the things to become outdated through the course of time in the history of mankind and social life. This dispute is like saying that the rational and mathematical rules should be changed in the current century and other rules should replace them. Claiming that Islam is opposed to innovation is no more than a foolish allegation because if the manifestations of civilization mean inventions and advanced industries, Islam and no other monotheistic religion have been or will ever be opposed to it. Rather, science and industry are emphasized in Islam and the noble Qur’an.”

Imam Khomeini continues in his testament, “As for the second group, who design sly scheme and consider Islam separate from rule and politics, these ignorant people should be told that the noble Qur’an and the practice of the Messenger of God (SAWA) have so many laws on rule and politics that they exceed other areas. It is rather due to negligence of many ritual-political laws of Islam that have caused these catastrophes. The Prophet of Islam (SAWA) formed a ruling like other ruling systems in the world but with the motive of spread of social justice. That the first caliphs of Islam had vast rules and the rule of Ali ibn Abi Taleb was [founded] more vastly with the same motive are among the axioms of history; and after that gradually the ruling system was in the name of Islam and, now too, there are many who claim to follow Islam and the noble Prophet (SAWA) in Islamic ruling system.”

Imam Khomeini continues in his testament, “I hope all writers, socialists and historians will take Muslims out of this mistake. What has been said that the messengers were engaged in spirituality and government and the affairs of world are rejected and that the divine messengers and saints would refrain from them, and thus we should also follow them, is an unfortunate mistake whose consequences are to corrupt the Islamic nations and opening the way for the bloodthirsty colonialism; because what is rejected are the satanic, dictatorial and oppressive rules which have been prevented due to seeking dominance and pervert worldly motives that they had. But the rightful rule for the benefit of the downtrodden and prevention of oppression and injustice and for establishment of social justice is the same that, for instance, Suleiman son of David and grand Prophet of Islam (SAWA) and his great legatees would try for it. This is among the greatest obligations and the maintenance of it is among the loftiest worships as the healthy politics that existed in these rules is among the necessary affairs.”