Jul 20, 2021 09:11 UTC

We are going to continue discussing Imam Khomeini’s testament. As a reminder, we said that Imam Khomeini strongly believed that religion is intermingled with government and that Islam can properly cope with the requirements of time. He did his best to expose those hands which were trying to show Islam as inefficient to administer the society.

Imam Khomeini (God’s mercy upon him) used to say that the enemies are hell-bent on portraying the Islamic Republic as incompetent in tackling the social problems. He wrote in his testament, “Of these kinds of plots and maybe more wicked are the widespread rumours in the country and provinces saying that the Islamic Republic has done nothing for the people. Poor people have sacrificed so zealously to get rid of the rebellious oppressive regime, yet they have been beleaguered by a worse regime! The arrogant have become more arrogant and the oppressed have become more oppressed! The prisons are full of the youths who are the hope of the country’s future and tortures are worse and more inhumane than the former regime! Everyday some people are executed in the name of Islam! One wishes that the name of Islam was not put on this republic! This era is worse than the era of Reza Khan and his son! People are plunged in suffering, trouble and skyrocketing inflation while the ringleaders are directing this regime toward a communist regime! People’s properties are seized and freedom has been prohibited for the nation in everything! And many other suchlike affairs that are being put into effect with a scheme.”

Imam Khomeini believed that lack of information on the situation of other countries and the fate of other revolutions has caused the plots of enemies to be effective in deceiving some people in Iran. He wrote in his testament, “The basis of the issue is that many of them who hear these things and believe them are unaware of the situation of the world, the revolutions, the post-revolution events and its great inevitable hardships. I recommend [them] not to embark on finding faults, vitriolic criticism and insulting before studying the current situation of the world and comparison of Iran’s Islamic Revolution with other revolutions; and before familiarity with the situation of the countries and nations [to see] what would happen to them during the revolution and after their revolution; and before heeding the hardships of this country that has been under the rebellious rule of Reza Khan and worse than that Mohammad Reza who have bequeathed to this government during their pillage; and before examining the performance of the government and the Jihad construction [organization] in deprived villages and comparing it with the former regime along with considering the hardships of the imposed war and its consequences such as million-strong homeless, families of martyrs, the war-stricken, million-strong Afghan and Iraqi refugees and with regards to the economic siege and continuous conspiracies of America and the external affiliates. Isn’t it better to try to reform and help instead of repression?”

Imam Khomeini continued in his testament, “I have never said and don’t say that today in this republic the great Islam is being implemented with all its dimensions and some persons do not do against the rules of Islam out of ignorance, grudge and lack of discipline. I rather say that the legislature, the judiciary and the executive [branches of power] are making strenuous efforts to Islamicize this country and the tens of million-strong nations is also their supporter and helper; and if this fault-finding and obstructionist minority rushed to help, these ideals would materialize easier and faster. And if God forbid, they do not come to their senses, as the million-strong masses have woken up and pay attention to the issues and are present in the scene, the humane-Islamic ideals will spectacularly be put into effect God willing; and the stray and the fault-finding will not be able to resist against this roaring flood.”

Imam Khomeini wrote in his testament, “I firmly claim that the Iranian nation and its million-strong masses are better than the nation of Hejaz in the time of the Messenger of God (SAWA) and Kufa and Iraq in the time of the Commander of the Faithful [Imam Ali] and Hussein ibn Ali (Blessings and greetings of God upon them); the Hejaz where in the time of the Messenger of God (SAWA) even Muslims would not obey him and would not go to the front with pretexts so that Almighty God reprimanded them and promised punishment for them in ayahs of surah Tawba; and the people of Iraq and Kufa who misbehaved the Commander of the Faithful and disobeyed him to the extent that his complaints are famous in the books of narration and history; and those Muslims of Iraq and Kufa who caused what happened to the Master of Martyrs (AS). And those who didn’t submerge their hand in his martyrdom either fled the battlefield or sat so that that crime of history occurred. But, today we can see that the Iranian nation, from the military, law enforcement, IRGC and Basij forces to popular forces of nomads and volunteers, and the forces in the fronts and the people in the back of fronts, embark on such sacrifices and epics. And we can see what valuable aids the respectable people across the country have granted. And we can see that the survivors of martyrs and the war-stricken and their relatives face us and you with epical visages and enthusiastic and assuring words and deeds. And all these stem from their full love, attachment and faith in Almighty God, Islam and the perpetual life. This is while, they are neither in the blessed presence of the noble Prophet (SAWA) nor are they in the presence of the Infallible Imam (Blessings of God upon him). Their motive is their faith and trust in the Unseen. And this is the mystery of success and victory in different dimensions.”

Imam Khomeini calls on the youths who have been deceived by enemies and hypocrites to think fairly and freely. He says in his testament, “I recommend the youths, both girls and boys, who have been exploited by hypocrites and opportunistic and profiteering deviants, to judge impartially and with free thought the propaganda of those who want the Islamic Republic to be destroyed, and the quality of their practice and their behavior with deprived masses and also their morals, and their behavior among themselves and their advocates, and their change of stances in various events; and carefully and without mean desire, examine and study the state of those who were martyred in this Islamic Republic by hypocrites and deviants; and evaluate between them and their enemies to see which group is the advocate of the deprived and oppressed of the society.”