Oct 05, 2021 08:14 UTC

As a reminder, we talked about Imam Khomeini’s recommendations to the seminaries and the ulema which were issued in his fateful message and also his testament. In this episode we are going to touch upon his pieces of advice to the executive branch of system especially the foreign ministry and diplomats.

Imam Khomeini (God’s mercy upon him) used to stress that if the executive branch of power is not reformed, no remarkable result would be gained for the nation even if there were good laws. He wrote in his testament, “Among the affairs that need to be reformed, purified and cared for is the executive branch. Sometimes, progressive and useful laws may be passed in the parliament and the Guardian Council may approve it and the relevant minister may proclaim it; but it may go to unrighteous executors so that they would annul it and, contrary to the rules or with bureaucracies and twisting that they have got used to or, intentionally they act in a way to make people worried, to gradually cause a row.”

Imam Khomeini considered honest bond with people and rendering services to them, especially the downtrodden and deprived classes, as an undeniable necessity of the Islamic Republic. He used to emphasize that neglecting this principle is religiously forbidden and would incur the divine wrath. He wrote, “The budget that you and the employees of ministries are paid from belongs to the nation. You should be the servants of the nation, especially the oppressed, and you should know that causing trouble for the people and acting opposite to the duty is haram (religiously forbidden) and, God forbid, would sometimes incur the divine wrath. All of you need the nation’s support. It was with the people’s support, particularly the deprived classes, that victory was achieved and the hand of the oppressive kingdom was cut off from the country and its reserves. And if one day you are deprived of their support, you would be put aside and, like the oppressive royal regime, oppressors would occupy the posts instead of you. In view of this tangible reality, you must try to draw the nation’s attention and refrain from un-Islamic and inhumane behavior.”

Imam Khomeini said in a speech to the cabinet members, “Be servants to this nation which has cut off the treacherous hands and has given this trust to you. As long as you are such, the nation will back you; and as long as the nation accompanies you, no harm will occur to you and the country.”

The Imam writes to the foreign ministry and diplomats, “I recommend the foreign ministers in this era and the next eras to be heedful that your responsibility is very much either in the reformation and development of the ministry and embassies or the foreign ministry, safeguarding the independence and interests of the country and good relations with governments which don’t intend to meddle in our country’s affairs. And seriously refrain from anything that is suspicious of dependence with all its dimensions. And know that dependence in some affairs, although it may have a deceptive appearance or interests and use for the time being; however, it would draw the country to destruction.”

Imam Khomeini believed that an important step toward independence of the foreign ministry is to reinforce bonds with the Islamic countries and asked the diplomatic missions to embark on awakening the Islamic countries and inviting Muslim nations to unity and solidarity. He wrote, “I recommend to the nations of Islamic countries not to expect anyone from abroad to help you in reaching the goal which is Islam and executing Islamic rules. You yourselves should rise up for this vital affair which will materialize freedom and independence. And the great ulema and respectful preachers of the Islamic countries should invite governments to get rid of dependence on the foreign big powers and come to comprehension with their nation. In this way they will embrace victory. And they should invite nations to unity and refrain from racism which is opposite to the rule of Islam. And shake hands of brotherhood with their brethren in faith in any country and with any race as the great Islam has called them brothers. And if one day this brotherhood in faith materializes with the efforts of governments and nations and the help of Almighty God, you will see that Muslims will form the greatest power in the world.”

Imam Khomeini also warns the foreign ministers, saying, “Since the victory of the revolution, I have issued recommendations to foreign ministers about development of embassies which should be compatible with the Islamic Republic. Yet, some of them either didn’t want or failed to do a positive action.”