Nov 02, 2021 08:56 UTC

We talked about Imam Khomeini’s recommendations on supporting the oppressed and fighting the oppressors, especially the global Arrogance and Zionism. We will continue the discussion in this episode.

Imam Khomeini (God’s mercy upon him) in his testament stresses that one of the main problems of the Islamic countries and oppressed nations are the mercenary regimes of these countries. He believes that these regimes try to keep these nations weak, backward and dependent. He writes, “At least for the recent one hundred years, that the big world-devouring powers gradually put their steps in the Islamic countries and other small countries, we have witnessed or have been told by correct histories that none of the ruling governments in these countries have thought of their nations’ freedom, independence and welfare; almost all of them have rather been engaged in oppression and suffocation of their nation or have only tried for their vested or group interests or for the welfare of the wealthy and upper-class; and the oppressed slum-inhabiting classes have been denied all life blessings such as water and bread, and those miserable have been employed for the interests of the wealthy and debauchee stratum; or they have been the puppets of big powers which have employed whatever they can to make countries and nations dependent, and have made countries the markets of the East and the West through different tricks, and have secure their interests and have raised nations backward and consumers, and they are moving with the same plan.”

Imam Khomeini writes in his testament, “The misery for Muslims are the governments that are dependent on the East and the West. And I emphatically recommend you not to listen to the propaganda horns of the opponents of Islam and the Islamic Republic which all try to expel Islam from the scene so that the interests of the superpowers are secured.” Imam Khomeini also writes, “O you the oppressed of the world and you the Islamic countries and Muslims of the world! Stand up and grasp the right with hands and teeth. And do not be scared of the propaganda ballyhoo of superpowers and their servile stooges; and expel from your countries the criminal rulers who submit your efforts to your enemies; and you and the committed serving classes take the helms of affairs; and gather together under the flag of Islam to rise up for defence against the enemies of Islam and the deprived of the world.”

Imam Khomeini believed that confronting the media hype of the oppressive powers is the main duty of Muslims. He writes, “Today and in future, what must be important for the Iranian nation and the Muslims of the world is the foiling of the disuniting and destructive propaganda.” Elsewhere in his testament, the Imam writes, “I recommend Muslims, particularly the Iranians in the current era, to show reaction against conspiracies, increase their solidarity and unity in any possible way and disappoint the disbelievers and the hypocrites.”

Imam Khomeini says, “The prominent ulema and respectable preachers of the Islamic countries should invite governments to free themselves of dependence of big powers and come to mutual understanding with their nation as in this way they will embrace victory; and let them invite nations to unity and refrain from racism which is opposite to Islam; and let them shake the hands of fraternity with their brothers in faith in any country and from any race because the great Islam has called them brothers. And if this brotherhood in faith materializes through the efforts of governments and nations with the help of Almighty God, you will see that Muslims will form the greatest power in the world; with the hope of the day on which God willing this fraternity and equality will materialize.”

Imam Khomeini also writes, “I recommend the Islamic nations to take the role model of the Islamic Republic government and the Iranian struggling nation to put the oppressive governments in their place, if they do not capitulate to the will of their nations. The source of misery of Muslims are the governments that are dependent on the East and the West.”