Dec 07, 2021 09:49 UTC

In this episode, we are going to continue discussing Imam Khomeini’s views on armed forces.

Imam Khomeini (God’s mercy upon him) writes in his testament, “In Iran, where this miracle of the age [the Islamic Revolution] was worked by the people, the committed Armed Forces and the chaste and patriotic commanders had a significant share; and today, as Saddam’s war that has been imposed by the order and support of America and other superpowers, has faced the political and military defeat of the invading Ba’athist army and its powerful supporters and their lackeys; it is again the Armed Forces and the law enforcement forces, the IRGC and popular forces who created this great honour in the fronts with the unsparing support of the nation. They made Iran proud; and the internal mischief and plots that had been mobilized by the puppets affiliated to the East and the West to overthrow the Islamic Republic, were thwarted by the able hand of the youths of the [Islamic Revolution] committees, the Basijis, the police with the help of the brave people. It is the same dear selfless youths who stay awake at night so that the families rest calmly. May God help them!”

The Founder of the Islamic Republic continues, “I recommend kindly to all Armed Forces, in the end of the life of this world, just as they have been loyal, to be firmly loyal to Islam which is the only religion of independence and freedom and Almighty God has invited all to the lofty human status with its light of guidance. It is Islam that rescues you, your country and nation from the stain of dependence and affiliation to the powers who do not want you except for their slavery and keep your dear country and nation backward and the consumption market and under the shameful oppression. Prefer noble human life, even with problems, to the shameful life of slavery of foreigners even if it is with animal welfare.”

Imam Khomeini writes in his testament, “My brotherly recommendation, in the final steps of my life, to the Armed Forces generally is that: O dear ones, who love Islam and continue self-sacrifice in the fronts and all over the country with the love of meeting God! Be wakeful and alert as the political players and the Westoxicated and Eastoxicated professional politicians and stealthy mysterious hands have focused the sharp weapon of treachery and crime from every side toward you dear ones more than any other group; and they want to exploit you dear ones, who have made the revolution victorious and revived Islam with your sacrifice, to topple the Islamic Republic. And [they want] to separate you from Islam and the nation in the name of Islam and serving the country and the nation to throw you in the lap of one of the two world-devouring poles; and [they want] to nullify your efforts and sacrifice by political deceptive tricks in the Islamic and national form.”

Imam Khomeini, then, refers to the backwardness of Iran, saying, “After this much of artificial backwardness to the great industries of the foreign countries, our need is an undeniable reality. This does not mean that we should be dependent to one of the poles in the advanced sciences. The government and the Army should make effort to send committed students to the countries which have great advanced industries while they are not colonialists and exploiters. And they should refrain from sending [the students] to America and the Soviet and other countries which are in the direction of these two poles. Perhaps, God willing, one day will come that these two powers will come to their senses and march in the path of humanity and humanitarianism and respect of other’s rights; or, God willing, the downtrodden of the world and the wakeful nations and committed Muslims will put them in their places.”

Imam Khomeini (God’s mercy upon him) writes in his testament, “Know that, as long as you extend your hand to others in advanced industries and spend your life in begging, the power of innovation and advancement in inventions would not flourish in you. And you saw clearly that in this short period after the economic sanctions, those who considered themselves unable to make anything and were disappointed of driving factories, put their thoughts into action and met many needs of the Army and factories themselves. And this war, the economic sanction and expulsion of the foreign experts were a divine gift which we were negligent of. Now, if the government and the Army sanction the goods of the world-devourers and increase their efforts in the way of innovation, it is hoped that the country will be self-sufficient and will be saved from begging he enemy.”

Imam Khomeini continues, “We saw that many factories and advanced tools like aircraft and other things, which were not thought to be started by Iranian specialists, and all hands were extended toward the West and the East so that their specialists would start them, as a result of the economic sanction and the imposed war, our dear youths have made the needed parts and supplied them in lower prices, and have proved that we can, if we want.”