Jan 11, 2022 08:51 UTC

If you remember, we said that Imam Khomeini strongly criticized the cinematic art of the previous regime as it was one of the main sources of immorality in society, particularly among the young generation.

He correctly believed that the dramatic arts, mainly cinema, were the tools of colonial policies of the West and anti-Islamic propaganda of the US and its accomplices in the country. In this episode, we are going to discuss Imam Khomeini’s views on political parties and groups which were in fact the puppets of the big powers in Iran.

During the years of struggle against the despotic Pahlavi regime in Iran, different groups resorted to various methods to topple the ruling system. Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization (MKO) was one of those groups which tried to change the political system via armed struggle. The MKO was formed in 1965 with combination of the two contradictory ideologies of Islam and Marxism. This organization managed to take a few terrorist acts against the regime; but in 1971 many of its leaders were identified, tortured or executed by the intelligence apparatus of the regime (SAVAC). In 1975, some of the MKO ringleaders, through an organizational coup, officially changed the ideology of the grouplet to Marxism and committed gruesome murders against their opponents thereafter. Since the victory of the Islamic Revolution in 1979, there emerged differences of opinion among the MKO leaders and the revolutionary leaders to the extent that, following the dismissal of President Abol-Hassan Bani Sadr by the parliament, the MKO started armed activities against the nascent Islamic Republic system and martyred a number of officials and thousands of civilians.

After the Iraqi invasion of Iran in 1980, the MKO terrorist outfit transferred its base to Iraq and continued its measures against the Iranian nation. Some of the Western countries tried to put the name of the MKO in the blacklist of terrorist groups to stop its crimes against humanity, but through the pressures of influential regimes, especially the US, they failed to pursue their demands. The terrorist outfit has been employed by Washington, Tel Aviv and London as a tool to pursue their nefarious goals against the Iranian nation and the Islamic Republic system. The Founder of the Islamic Republic, Imam Khomeini (God’s mercy upon him), writes in his testament, “My advice and recommendation to the groups, grouplets and persons who are active against the nation, the Islamic Republic and Islam, first in addressing their ringleaders inside and outside the country, is that the long experience of taking any measure, designing any plot and resorting to any country and official, should have taught to you, who consider yourselves as knowledgeable and wise, that the course of a selfless nation cannot be misled by resorting to terror, blast, bomb and baseless and uncalculated lies. Never can any state and government be toppled through inhumane and illogical methods, especially a nation like Iran whose young children to its old women and men are sacrificing their lives in the way of the goal, the Islamic Republic, the Qur’an and religion. You know (and if you do not, you are thinking very naively) that the nation is not with you and the Army is not with you; and if you suppose that they had been with you as your friends, your bungling acts and crimes that have occurred through your provocation, have separated them from you and you have failed to do anything except forging enemies.”

Imam Khomeini, addressing terrorist groups, especially the MKO, writes in another part of his testament, “In the end of my life, I benevolently recommend you who have started fighting and countering this afflicted nation which has saved itself from the oppression of criminals like the Pahlavi regime and the world-devourers of the East and the West through sacrificing their best children and youths. How can the conscience of a human, no matter how wicked it is, to be content, for the likely achieving of a position, to behave his country and his nation in this way and does not have mercy towards their young and elderly?” The Imam advises the ringleaders of these grouplets not to be deceived by big powers. He writes, “I advise you to give up such useless and unwise acts and not be gulled by the world-devourers; and wherever you are, if you have committed crime, return to your country and the lap of Islam. Repent as God is the Most Merciful of the merciful and the Islamic Republic and the nation will Inshallah forgive you. And if you have committed a crime that God has determined your decree, still return from halfway and repent. Or if you are not brave enough, accept the punishment, and hence, save yourselves from God’s painful punishment; otherwise, wherever you are, do not waste your life anymore and embark on another job as it is to your benefit.”

Imam Khomeini (God’s mercy upon him) addressing the internal and external advocates of the MKO terrorist grouplet, writes in his testament, “Then I recommend their internal and external advocates, for what motive do you waste your youth for those whom have been proved to be serving the powerful world-devourers and follow their schemes and have been fallen in their traps? In whose way are you wronging your own nation? You are the beguiled of them and if you are in Iran, you are witnessing that the million-strong masses are loyal to the Islamic Republic and sacrifice for it. And you are witnessing that the current state and regime are wholeheartedly at the service of the destitute. And those who are spuriously feigning popularity, being mujahed and devotees of the people, have embarked on enmity against God’s people and have beguiled you simple boys and girls for their purposes and the purposes of one of the world-devouring poles of power; whereas they are either reveling in the lap of one of the criminal poles or inside the country they are leading a luxurious life in team houses like the houses of wretched criminals while sending you youths to death. My kind advice to you teenagers and youths inside and outside is to return from the wrong way and be united with the deprived of the society who are serving the Islamic Republic wholeheartedly. And be active for the independent and free Iran to that the country and the nation get rid of the evil of the opponents and all continue noble life together. How long and why will you be subordinate to those who do not think except for their vested interests? You are fighting your nation in the lap of the superpowers while they have sacrificed you for their sinister purposes and seeking of power.”