Jan 18, 2022 10:06 UTC

If you remember, we discussed Imam Khomeini’s recommendations on political groups, especially MKO terrorist organization, and said that he had advised all terrorist groups to return back to the ocean of the Iranian nation and stop acts of terror to satisfy their masters in the West or the East. In this episode, we are going to touch upon his stance on leftist and separatist groups.

Concurrent with the victory of the Russian Revolution of 1917 and coming to power of communist ideology in the country, leftist thoughts grew in many countries particularly in the neighbors of Soviet Union including Iran; though the religious fabric of Iran and the sensitivity of the ruling system never let them to spread much among masses. Toudeh Party was the most important organized group among the leftist groups which came to existence in Iran after the WWII. This party was eradicated in two phases: first after the assassination attempt against the Shah in Tehran University and then in the post-1953 coup period. Thus, its leaders and advocates escaped or were tortured and executed. A few of them also turned into spies of the regime through the pressures and temptations of the Shah’s agents. In 1960s, due to the increase of partisan struggles, inspired by the thoughts of Che Guevara, Mao and Castro, and closure of political climate in Iran, some youths and students started armed struggles against the Shah. They intended to spread armed and partisan struggles to the whole society á la- China and Cuba to topple the regime. But the Shah’s regime was fully supported by the US. As a result, the members of such groups would soon be identified and repressed before taking any serious measure. These groups were totally destroyed in late 1960s and early 1970s. At that time, the regime of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi was in its most powerful days, thanks to the exorbitant oil revenues and relying on security and military support of the US and allies. In such circumstances, Imam Khomeini started his struggle against the Shah and the US with trust in God and relying on people’s all-out support.

Millions of men and women, from all walks of life, answered positively to Imam Khomeini’s call to show their opposition to the regime of Shah. Therefore, they poured to the streets and chanted anti-regime slogans. The Imam’s all-encompassing umbrella had indeed covered all political parties and every social stratum. Thus, the Islamic Revolution triumphed in a few months to the bewilderment of all analysts. Without doubt, the key element in this victory was the unmatched personality of Imam Khomeini and his charismatic leadership. The course of the revolution left no choice for political parties but to join the masses even if they didn’t believe in the ideology and ideals of the Imam and the people. This was the means for most of them to survive. The leftist groups had no belief in Islam, but had to join the people to survive. However, after the victory, they started to act as opposition and counter-revolutionary elements. They left no stone unturned to hurt the Islamic Revolution. Imam Khomeini time and again advised them to return to the Islamic Revolution and the Iranian nation. But they insisted on their stubborn thoughts and were finally exterminated. The Imam writes in his testament, “My recommendation to the leftists, like communists and Fadaee-ye- Khalq partisans and other groups with leftist tendencies, is that, without proper studying of ideologies and the ideology of Islam with those who are well aware of ideologies especially Islam, which motive has satisfied you to be inclined to the ideology that has failed in the world today; and what has happened that you have become content with few ‘isms’ whose content is null with researchers? What has motivated you to intend to draw your country to the lap of the Soviet or China and to fight your nation in the name of ‘love of Toudeh [Party]’ or hatch plots to the benefit of foreigners against your country and oppressed masses?”

Imam Khomeini (God’s mercy upon him), addressing leftist groups, writes in his testament, “You can see that, since the onset of communism, its masqueraders have been the most dictatorial, the most power-seeking and the most monopolist governments on the world. What nations were smashed and annihilated under the rule of the Soviet claiming to support masses. The Russian nation, Muslims and non-Muslims, have been struggle with twitches under the pressure of the communist party and are denied any freedom and are living in suffocation worse than that of the world dictators. Stalin, who was one of the so-called ‘bright’ figures of the party, we were witness to his coming and going and his protocols and aristocracy. Now that you, the beguiled, are sacrificing your life for that regime, the oppressed people of the Soviet and its satellites like Afghanistan are dying of their oppressions.” Imam Khomeini continues to advise the leftists, “You, who are claiming the advocacy of people, what crimes you have committed against this people wherever you could, as with the noble people of Amol, who you wrongly called your strong advocates and sent many of them deceptively to fight people and the government to be killed. You want to offer the Iranian oppressed and deprived nation to the Soviet dictatorship and you are doing this treason under the guise of ‘Fadaee-ye-Khalq [People’s Sacrifice] and advocates of the deprived. The Toudeh Party and its cohorts are doing this through conspiracy under the mask of supporting the Islamic Republic; while other groups are doing it through arms, terror and blasts.”

Imam Khomeini writes in continuation, “I write as testament to you parties and groups, either those who are known as leftists or those who are feeding from and inspired by the West, or even those such as ‘Democratic’ or ‘Komoleh’ parties who take arms in the name of ‘autonomy’ and advocacy of Kurds and Baluch and have destroyed the deprived people of Kurdistan and other places and prevent cultural, hygiene and economic services and reconstruction by the government on those provinces, to join the nation. Now that they have experienced that they have done nothing and cannot do anything but making the inhabitants miserable, so it is to their benefit and that of the nations and regions to assist the government and give up rebellion, serving the foreigners and betrayal of their country; they should embark on building the country and be sure that Islam is better for them than both the criminal Western pole and the dictatorial Eastern pole and it will fulfill the humane wishes of people better.”