Feb 08, 2022 08:57 UTC

We discussed Imam Khomeini’s advice on writers and speakers whose main job was to find fault with the nascent Islamic Republic system instead of kindly helping the system and the nation to overcome difficulties and shortages. In this episode, you are going to hear the Imam’s views in his testament to clarify the Islamic economic system in comparison with the capitalist and socialist economies.

The period of Imam Khomeini’s struggles against the despotic Pahlavi regime coincided with the Cold War era in which the two Western and Eastern blocs were in conflict in various arenas. The West, symbolized by the US, was an advocate of capitalism and the East, led by the former Soviet Union, was the propagator of socialism. In those times, except the Non-Aligned nations, all nations were affiliated and surrogate of one of the blocs of powers. In Iran, too, many thinkers and political activists believed that there is no third way and one should join one of the dominant camps to survive and be successful. But, Imam Khomeini (God’s mercy upon him), ruling out both dominant ideologies, presented the matchless model of the Islamic Republic system of government and Islamic economy. He writes in his testament, “Islam agrees neither with the oppressive, uncalculated capitalism which deprives the oppressed masses- and rather condemns it seriously in the Book [Qur’an] and the Sunnah [practice of the Prophet] and considers it opposite to social justice- nor with a regime like communism, Marxism and Leninism which are opposed to individual ownership and believe in partnership leading to a suppressive dictatorship and despotism.”

Imam Khomeini, criticizing those who, out of unawareness and miscomprehension of Islam, try to justify wrong capitalist and socialist models and pave the way for opponents to attack Islam and the Islamic Republic, says, “Some people, who miscomprehend and are unaware of the Islamic government and political issues ruling in Islam, have pretended in their speech and writing that Islam the unbounded supporter of capitalism and ownership. And with their false understanding of Islam, they have concealed the radiant image of Islam and opened the way for adversaries and enemies of Islam to assault Islam to consider it a regime like the capitalist regime of the West- the US and Britain and other Western looters- and relying on the words and deeds of these ignorant, either out of bias or stupidity, have embarked on opposing Islam without referring to real experts of Islam. Another group, due to miscomprehension and unawareness of Islam and its healthy economy, has also stood in the opposite side, and sometimes resorting to some verses [of Qur’an] or sentences of Nahjul-Balagha, have introduced Islam favorable with deviant schools of Marx and the like of him; and have not paid attention to other verses and parts of Nahjul-Balagha, and through their imperfect understanding, have stood up and follow the “Communist religion” and support unfaith, dictatorship and suppressive suffocation which ignores human values and a minority party behaves human masses like animals.”

Imam Khomeini continues in his testament, “Islam is a moderate regime which recognizing ownership and respecting it in a limited way finds the way for [real] ownership and consumption; which if it were accurately practiced the wheels of healthy economy would rotate and social justice, which is the requisite for a healthy regime, would materialize.”

The Founder of the Islamic Republic recommends the officials, especially those of the judiciary, not to be affected by media pressure and propaganda and preserve human principles of individual ownership. He writes, “My bequest to the parliament, the Guardian Council, the government, the president and the judicial council is to be humble before the rules of almighty God. And do not be affected by the hollow propaganda of the oppressive pillaging pole of capitalism and the atheist Communist pole and respect legitimate ownership and capitals with Islamic bounds; and I assure the nation so that capitals and constructive activities are put in practice to take the government and the country to self-sufficiency and light and heavy industries.”

Imam Khomeini advises the rich in society in this way, “I make bequest to the rich and those who have legitimate money to spend your justly accumulated wealth and embark on constructive activity in farms, villages and factories as this is a valuable worship per se. And I make bequest to all to strive for the welfare of deprived classes, since your benefit in this world and the Hereafter is through attending to the deprived of society who have been in trouble throughout the period of the royal oppression and the Khans. And how good it is if the well-to-do classes voluntarily would provide homes and welfare for the inhabitants of slums!!! And be sure that the benefit of this world and the Hereafter depends on it; and it is not fair at all that one is homeless while the other one has apartments.”

Imam Khomeini (God’s mercy upon him) continues in his testament, “My bequest to that group of clergymen and quasi-clergymen, who are opposed to the Islamic Republic and its institutions with different motives and spend their time to overthrow it and help the conspiring opponents and political players, and sometimes, according to what is said, render huge assistance to this end with the exorbitant moneys that they receive from godless capitalists, is to apologize before God till the door of penitence is open and to be consonant with the destitute oppressed nation, and support the Islamic Republic which has been achieved through self-sacrifice of the nation. This will be to your good in the world and the Hereafter; although I doubt that you will succeed to repent.”